Golden Gate Graveyard Has Arrived

Golden Gate Bridge Clock

Golden Gate Bridge Clock

The time is here!


I am pleased to announce my new mystery novel, Golden Gate Graveyard, is now available for your enjoyment.


Available in paperback and e-book, below are links for convenient internet purchase.ย  If you prefer to purchase from a bookstore, you can special-order it at your favorite bookstore.


Golden Gate GraveyardClick here to order paperback or e-book at publisher’s store

E-book also available at

Paperback: $20.00

E-book: $6.99



Briefly, I spent the past three years writing and researching this mystery novel set in San Francisco.ย  The plot and characters are entirely fiction, interwoven with some of the city’s history and traditions.


Golden Gate Bridge-and-sailboatRead more here for the book description or go to the Books by Jet Eliot tab above.


Next week and in the weeks to follow I will be featuring highlights of San Francisco sites as mentioned in the book, here on my blog.




San Francisco cable car

San Francisco cable cars

You will not only find posts with iconic San Francisco vistas, but also posts about the writing of the book.


San Francisco Painted Ladies

San Francisco Painted Ladies

So if you have a question about my writing process–the tools I use, how I write, or research, etc.–I am happy to answer your questions. Just shoot me an e-mail via the Contact tab (above) or ask in the comments below.


I have spent hundreds of hours in the past three years on San Francisco hills, street corners, and shorelines–taking notes, listening and observing, attending tours and events.


Pier 39, California Sea Lions

Pier 39, California Sea Lions

A former San Francisco resident for 13 years and a monthly visitor, I have really enjoyed creating this story and sharing the spirit of this lively and diverse city.


Whether you read books or not, with the holidays around the corner surely there is someone you know who would enjoy a good page-turning mystery.


San Francisco Ocean Beach

San Francisco Ocean Beach

It is a joy and honor to share this book with you.


Photo credit: Athena Alexander


59 thoughts on “Golden Gate Graveyard Has Arrived

  1. Yea!!! Can’t wait to dig in to it! I know it will be captivating… with intrigue as well as fascinating information about San Francisco! Kudos to you, Jet!

    • My deep thanks to you, PC, and Mrs. PC, for your great support and readership. I know what big readers you both are, and I know the hills we have traversed together in this marvelous city. Enjoy!

    • Both books are stand-alones, bbb. They have the same protagonist, and both books provide adequate background on the characters, so there is no real order you have to follow. Thanks for asking, and thanks for reading–enjoy!

  2. Exciting! Way to go, Jet. I always enjoy your posts which are chock full of great info (and beautiful photos). I look forward to reading both of your adventures by the end of of the year. Cheers!

  3. Yay! Can’t wait to get my copy! What a fun thing to be able to say I ‘know’ the author! I might see if our local library wants to order a copy for their shelves.

    • I really appreciated your feedback here, ACI; and I look forward to hearing your questions and any feedback you have on the book. But most importantly, have fun with the story — it’s about diversity and tolerance, and from what I know about your photos and activities, I know you will like it.

    • Your kind words are most appreciated, David. I wrap my stories into the package of a mystery novel, but really they’re about diversity and tolerance and being human. I think you, or your mystery-reading partner, will enjoy it. As always, a pleasure to hear from you~~

    • And I am looking very forward to your reading of it too, Bill. At this point it’s faster and more direct to buy the paperback version from the publisher (see link here), because Amazon takes longer to link up indie writers and process lesser-known authors’ books. For digital version, either the publisher or Amazon are good, but Amazon is technologically simpler. Enjoy! Link for buying GGG paperback or digital:

  4. What a privilege it is for me to purchase your book, Jet. Congratulations, I shall look forward to reading this exciting mystery! The lovely posts that I so enjoy are such a delight to read too. Thank you for sharing them together with Athena’s wonderful photography. Good on you, Jet… keep the good work!

    • What a delight that is to hear, Sue. I think it will be especially enjoyable for you to read prior to your upcoming SF trip, there’s lots of city scenes and history. Have fun!

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Eddie — and your ongoing interest. The writing of it was a joy (most of the time), but the marketing and selling of it is not my forte, and yes, there have been anxious moments (an understatement). I appreciate your kindness~~

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