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I receive many wonderful comments about the photos on my blog and have Athena Alexander to thank for them.

An intrepid photographer, avid birder, and experienced hiker and backpacker, Athena flourishes in the outdoors. 

She uses a Canon 7D camera, usually with a Canon 100-400 5.6 zoom lens. Her favorite photo experiences occur in quiet moments with the creatures.

9 thoughts on “Blog Photos

  1. Hi Jet, I’m so glad I just clicked on this– how nice to learn more about Athena after enjoying her photos for a while now. How wonderful that you’ve had 29 years of adventures together!

    • Thanks for clicking on the Blog Photos tab, Jane. Yes, Athena and I are lucky to have had so many years adventuring together, and it continues in the most wonderful way. I’ve learned a lot about taking photos from her, too; it’s what gives me a more appreciative understanding of the work of other photographers, spectacular artists in the craft like you. Thanks so much.

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