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Athena in Belize

Athena in Belize

I receive many wonderful comments about the photos on my blog, so I thought you would enjoy seeing the artist.


An intrepid photographer, avid birder, and experienced hiker and backpacker, Athena flourishes in the outdoors.  She spends her days as an attorney researching and writing court decisions. Surrounded by documents of human conflict, she analyzes the law and makes difficult decisions.  You can imagine the freedom she enjoys when she gets out into the wilderness.

Wearing Crimson Rosellas in Australia

Wearing Crimson Rosellas in Australia


Her favorite photography subjects are birds and mammals–she knows them well.


She uses a Canon 7D camera, usually with a Canon 100-400 5.6 zoom lens.  Learning through classes and other photographers has been helpful, but her favorite photo experiences occur in quiet moments with the creatures.


On Safari in Botswana

On Safari in Botswana

Most of the photos on this site are taken by Athena, because we have joyously traveled the world together for 31 years.


Photo credit:  Jet Eliot




9 thoughts on “Blog Photos

  1. Hi Jet, I’m so glad I just clicked on this– how nice to learn more about Athena after enjoying her photos for a while now. How wonderful that you’ve had 29 years of adventures together!

    • Thanks for clicking on the Blog Photos tab, Jane. Yes, Athena and I are lucky to have had so many years adventuring together, and it continues in the most wonderful way. I’ve learned a lot about taking photos from her, too; it’s what gives me a more appreciative understanding of the work of other photographers, spectacular artists in the craft like you. Thanks so much.

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