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Golden Gate Graveyard

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Anne Lamington Mystery Novel,

2nd in Series

Anne Lamington has a happy home life in San Francisco: her two grown children are on career tracks and independent, and she and her husband have both found satisfying semi-retirement careers of their own.

But then one night her next-door neighbor is trapped in a house fire and perishes. And living only inches away, the Lamington property is threatened.

The threat grows as Anne looks for answers to the fire’s cause, and is confronted with a puzzling series of events, unlikely coincidences, and more death. With a tragic family past and a penchant for justice, Anne teams up with her edgy young friend Shannon, determined to discover the truth about the fire next door.

Always a few steps ahead of the police, the more facts the two women turn up, the less sense it all makes. Amid iconic San Francisco places, Anne and Shannon traverse the Fog City hills uncovering dark secrets that lead down a perilous path.

Join Anne and Shannon, their friends and neighbors, in this gripping mystery laced with San Francisco traditions and history.


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Anne Lamington Mystery Novel, 1st in Series

Anne Lamington looks forward to a relaxing vacation at a remote lodge overlooking Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. But just as she arrives, she witnesses a woman’s fatal accident. Or was it an accident?

Anne sets out to discover the facts, but she’s in a foreign and decidedly strange land where her probing questions are not appreciated by the police or locals. Only rookie Constable Suzanne Munroe takes Anne’s sleuthing seriously. Between Anne’s spunky, determined curiosity and the Constable’s earnest desperation to prove her worth, the two women team up and quickly begin uncovering secrets.

As they go deeper Down Under, however, the tropical, balmy atmosphere proves to be a whirlpool of malicious deeds and cruel acts, and a violent tempest ensues….

63 thoughts on “Books by Jet Eliot

  1. Just finished reading Wicked Walkabout (on my trip to Carmel, CA) What a treat. Love mysteries – in this case also loved the Australian setting and the strong characters. Thanks!

    • Oh wow, Sharon, that’s terrific news. I’m working away on the next one in the series, Golden Gate Graveyard, and in the meantime you can enjoy Wicked Walkabout. Please do let me know what you think. I enjoy your blog so much, and appreciate all the information you share with your readers. 🙂

  2. Hi dear Jet,
    I don’t bother about the money,I could pay double the price or more,but I am not familiar with this procedure in buying books.I have just created an Amazon account and I’ve also opened the Barnes & Noble page which says : buy with one click,I ticked the space and I have to create another account.Any help?Should I procced with the amazon account or create a Barnes & Noble one?What’s the difference?Which one should I choose and why? Looking forward to your answer.
    TBH!Doda 🙂

    PS:I had given your page to a couple of bookstores near my area to buy the book for me because we were away from Athens and I wanted to make sure it would reach safely there.Both bookstores said that they couldn’t do that for me ~ they said it’s through an e-reader … etc.Now,I know why.

    • Dear Doda, I am honored to receive this comment, and to see your devotion to reading my book. Wicked Walkabout was published in an e-book format only; it is avail. at various internet book places, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can only read it on an electronic machine. If you have a Kindle Reader, you can buy the Kindle or e-book version at Amazon, and WW will appear on your electronic reader. If you do not have a Kindle, which it sounds like you do not, you can still read it, you just have to read it on your computer or your tablet or phone, whatever you choose. To do this, go to the link provided below. It will take you on Amazon to the book. Now that you have an Amazon account, you click on the “Kindle $4.99” box. Then underneath the box is another thing to click on, the red words that say “Free App.” This is a free application that you can buy, also through Amazon. Choose if you want it on your computer, etc., and then you will be able to read WW on whatever device you have chosen. I think Amazon is the easiest to buy from in your case, you do not need to bother with Barnes & Noble. My next book will be in both the e-book and paper version. I hope this answers all your questions, but if not, you can e-mail me (under “Contact” on the front pg. of my blog) and I will be glad to answer any other questions. Enjoy! And again, my deepest thanks. 😀 😀
      Here’s the link:

  3. Thank you so much dear Jet!Your analytical reply has been of great help.Yes,that’s the link where I started and have created an account.I didn’t go on with Barnes & Noble as I was waiting for your advice.All is clear to me now,I’ll enjoy it either on my computer or on my tab.I find the tab more practical because I carry it with me all the time.It will be ok on my smart phone too,but the screen is limited.
    I am so very glad your next book will be in both the e-book and paper version.I love holding the book in my hands because I can underline and highlight with a text marker anything I want to treasure or make some personal notes.I am a funny reader,stuck to tradition lol …
    Once again,many,many thanks,I’ll come back if I’ve any difficulty or if I ‘ve any questions on your book.
    PS:I’m looking forward to starting reading it 🙂

    • I am so thrilled, and honored, with your kind efforts, dear Doda, to read my book. Get ready for a jaunt to Australia! I like reading paper-paged books and from my Kindle; the Kindle is light, mobile, and holds so many books, but I also like the book with covers so I can see how far along I am. Enjoy dearest Doda! 😀 😀

  4. Good morning dear Jet!Was it that simple?I should have done it earlier,but it’s never too late.
    It’s on my screen now,it says dedicated to Barbara with deep gratitude ~ I am so happy and proud to have it now!Looking forward to your new book “Golden Gate Graveyard” 🙂 Happy Wednesday 🙂

    • What a joy it was to find your comment this morning, dear Doda. It is not yet light out and I am smiling from ear-to-ear. That’s a lot of signing up and new procedures, I am so delighted you did it. I trust you will enjoy Wicked Walkabout, and it’s great timing because Golden Gate Graveyard is not too many months away. I am saturated in writing the new book right now–characters are so alive in my head, they feel like friends– Enjoy! Thanks to you, as always. 😀

      • There is always a first time for everything,dear Jet!I am smiling from ear-to-ear too and I am so happy I’ve got it on my smart phone,tab and my computer!You seem to be in a very creative mood with lots of inspiration.Go on with “your characters” and let us wait for the mysteries to come … Many thanks once again ~ Enjoy your day 🙂

  5. Coming back just to tell you how much I enjoy reading it on my tab too!I’ve so many useful options there.By pressing any word I have a dictionary available,I can highlight anything I want and also write my personal notes on it.Isn’t it lovely?Thank you for everything 🙂

    • Oh yes, the world of electronic books is fascinating, isn’t it, Doda? It is an honor to be the author of your first electronic book, and I look forward to writing many more. In between my books you can read a gazillion free classics. lol. Enjoy this marvelous literary world! 😀 😀

  6. Absolutely,dear Jet!A practical way to enjoy reading without having to carry heavy books.I am honoured and proud too as I made the start with your book!Hope you have every possible success,you really deserve it!I love your advanced writing style,you vivid accounts and your rich imagery 🙂

  7. Hi dear Jet!I reckon that you are working hard on the second book “Golden Gate Graveyard”.Is it going to be published before Christmas or after? I think it will come out printed as well.I’ll buy both types.I’m looking forward to that.Thank you 🙂

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    • So very, very kind. I keep at it, day in, day out. My keyboard no longer has the letters “m” or “e,” so much typing I have done, they have worn away. Your allegiance, dear Doda, is much appreciated. ♥ (*\./*)

      • My pleasure dear Jet!I know you have been working hard on it and soon it is going to be printed.I suspect though that afterwards you will need a new word processor lol … Best of luck with everything 🙂

  9. I expected to find the second one already printed,dear Jet.Seemingly,your exceptional work needs more and more time than expected.All the very best to You,dear friend 🙂

  10. Many many thanks for that and for the beauty I enjoyed in some of your recent posts.The fauve colours of the Trogons and the Crater land stole my heart.Looking forward to your book 🙂 ~~ ♥

    • I think it is lovely to note that I lived there in the early 80s, too, Mary. We were sort of neighbors! Thanks for your kind comment, I look forward to sharing the many quirky characters of Golden Gate Graveyard with you. There’s quite a bit of SF history too, which I imagine will interest you, as a former resident.

      • The Brown Twins! Absolutely remember them. One died a few years ago, the other is still living in SF. I can’t imagine how fun it would have been to live in the same bldg. I stopped them on Market once and asked them if I could take their picture, they were real kind. My friend and I posed with them. Really fun to know this, Mary. 😀

      • Oh how cool Jet. I would run into them on the elevator every now and then, always perfectly dressed alike from their makeup and hair, to their dress and shoes (gloves sometimes too). Lucky you to have a photograph – that would have thrilled them. The famous two – I haven’t thought about them for a long time.

  11. Hi my good friend Jet,hope you still remember me … lol.I just received an e-mail from Amazon that your new book is out,many kudos and best wishes for a big success.
    I was expecting it to be paperback,but it’s only as an e-book,I bought it right away and have read a couple of pages,I almost could smell the smoke …
    However,I saw above that there is a paperback version too,as you had told me.I clicked the link but it isn’t Amazon.I’ll try to buy it from the company where it is available unless you tell me that soon it will be at Amazon too.
    I was so glad I found out about it.I am completely disconnected from WP after my summer holidays and my travels to Denmark in September and Norway in October.I’ve missed you and all your always interesting posts.I am so busy right now and my spare time is so limited.Hope you and Athena are keeping well.Looking forward to starting reading your posts again.
    Sending you my best wishes for a peaceful Sunday 🙂 ☼☂☆ & once more Huge Congrats on your book,I am certain sure that a great success is on the way ~ Take care 🙂 ”*★

    • What an utter delight to hear from you, dear Doda! I have missed you! I am so happy to receive your message here, and to know you are traveling and busy. I also appreciate you buying the digital version of GGG, and yes, there is a paperback version too. The mega online retailers do not have the paperback up on their “shelves” yet, but it will occur sometime soon. In the meantime you can order from the publisher, as you discovered. Your delightful words and warm sentiments added a spark of joy to my rainy Sunday. Enjoy the book! ♥ (*<*) ♥

  12. My order from the publisher is done ;I created an account there and that was all.Soon I’ll keep it in my HANDS !!!!!! I’m so Happy,my good friend Jet!I’ll let you know when it arrives,I paid more than the price of the book for shipping,hope to get it soon.Sending you my best wishes for a happy & peaceful Sunday at the moment.CU soon on WP …. I’ll try hard to re-connect with my WP friends,I might post something as well ~ Take care :-))))))) ≧▽≦ ♥ (*<*) ♥

    • Dearest Doda, what a joy it is to receive your message. I’ve missed you here on WP, and am grateful for your check-in here. I am thrilled that you were able to buy the book and have it sent to you in Greece. I know you will like it, my friend, and I appreciate the hurdles you leaped. I am happy to send you an autographed insert, if you want to give me your address via email (go to “Contact” tab above). My thoughts and thanks are with you. |@;@| ♥

      • The 3 golden “GGGs ” are in my hands now,in fact,I got it on the 14th of December,much earlier than I expected,nevertheless,I was off line and I didn’t contact you.It’s really a thick book with so many pages,now I can understand why it was delayed.I liked the word suspenseful you described it …
        It must be a fabulous “Whodunit”,a complex “the Butler did it” or a captivating “Had – I – But- Known” …
        I’d love to have an autograph,Bookbaby must still have my address,and they will send me an invoice as well,so you can possibly get it from them,but if you cannot,I’ll contact you personally.Generally speaking,I avoid “unrobing” myself on the Internet … Thank you for everything my good friend Jet,I am proud and happy that I’ve met you.I look forward to starting reading it and I am sure you’ll finally be recognized and get the success you deserve,and why not,soon to see it on the Best Seller list.
        Happy New Year & Wishes for Great Success ~ Sending you Love & Appreciation as always ★★★★★:)

      • Thank you for your jubilant greetings, dear Doda, and I am so very happy that GGG made its way to you with good speed. It is a fun whodunit and so far no one has guessed the outcome, and I trust you will enjoy it. I am happy to send an autographed insert to adhere to the front page, and am certain BookBaby will not give me your address, due to privacy laws. The best way to contact me, to give me your address, is by email ( But of course I understand you may not want to do this, and that is fine too. Either way, I am so pleased to have finished it and that you own a copy, and I receive your warm words here and during the writing of it with joy and gratitude. My deepest thanks for your support and encouragement. (@/@) ♥♥♥

  13. I am so glad you appreciated my humble words dearest Jet.You very well know how much I enjoy your advanced writing style and the way you use each word.Words have light in them … ,they enhance the value of the text,they are essencial tools in the hands of the writers.Make sure that you’ll always have my admiration and my support.You say that no one has guessed the outcome yet,which means it has a lot of twists.Unexpectedness always excites the readers.Btw,when it’s available at Amazon’s,please let me know,I’d love to buy one more copy,it makes a perfect present for those who love this genre.Best of best,dear friend ~ ★★★★★ ~ the 5 stars have a fatidic connotation … ★★★★★

    • So kind of you to take the time to visit here, Doda, and your supportive and assuring words here are deeply appreciated. Your faith in my writing and abilities is a great gift to me. Amazon has been an unpredictable vendor for my book and although I have spent much, much time on the phone with their phone representatives, I have limited information. What I do know is that they do not stock inventory of this book, so if you want to order one or more books, you need to place the order, and then eventually they will fill it. They will email you with delivery date. So far I know many customers who have ordered it, and delivery dates vary. I wish wish wish I could offer more info. I can say, however, that if you order you will eventually receive the paperback. My thanks for your wonderful, fatidic stars and your strong belief in me. 🙂

  14. Thank you for the info,I’ll do that with Amazon too and let you know about the outcome.Besides,I’ve the Bookbaby account where I can re-order your GGG,it makes a lovely present for friends who love suspense.Keep shining throughout 2017,dear Jet 🙂
    PS:I’ve also sent you an email;what do you think about my silly suggestion lol ?

    • I was so delighted to receive your email, and look forward to sending a response today. I am learning that by ordering via BookBaby you will be assured of a quick and prompt response; it is more expensive for shipping, especially for folks in Europe, but BB has turned out to be more reliable with the paperback print-on-demand. My thanks for your encouragement and support.

  15. Heard on the jungle telegraph that Jet hit the big time … Am I right,dear Jet?
    I wish I had the time to hold such a gripping mystery book in my hands and not to put it down until I finish it.As least,at the moment I am happy that poor Crystal’s black cat,Evie,survived the horrendous fire,and the kind,next door nice couple,have taken good care of her as they did with Pixie and Watermelon …
    Vivid your accounts,you employ clear and sharp words with ultimate precision to make the readers feel as if they were present in every scene.Now living between angst and hope to see where and how they found Crystal.
    Hope you & Athena are keeping well and that the characters of your next book have come into existence.
    Btw,I was trying the other day to see if “Golden Gate Graveyard” has the Text-to-Speech app available as in your previous book,but I couldn’t find it.You remember I had bought the e-book as well.Not that I really need it,but just to know.All the best to you,my dear friend Jet 🙂

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