I have been birdwatching for 25+ years, but I caught a casual interest from my father long before that. What I love most about it is being out in nature during all seasons and making friends with all creatures.

My wife and I share this hobby together, and it’s been an entertaining base for our 34 years together.  We started birding in California, then ventured to other states, and then the world.

I’ve met some talented and endearing people through birding.  Local guides are a fascinating way to learn about people.  To share lunch on a log with a Kenyan as he tells you about his son’s school day, or to prowl in an Australian rainforest as the guide mutters about his failing torch…to me this is paradise.

I keep a Life List of all the birds I have seen.  I record the first sighting, place and date; process the data on birding software.  This Life List, an accumulation of several thousand different bird species, is a pleasant reminder of beautiful days in the field, and remarkable birds I have had the joy to observe.

With 10,000 bird species on this planet, there is always a new and exciting quest.

23 thoughts on “Birding

  1. Hi Jet, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. We clearly have a lot in common and we look forward to exploring yours. If you’re on facebook we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page. See you there– and happy new year!

    • I am delighted you enjoyed it, and appreciate your visit and comment. I’m glad to know of your birding site and look forward to hearing about your adventures. So much to see and hear! 😀

    • Thanks so much, Bertie! I read it in the NY Times last week and was delighted that the one bird got so much attention. I am a really big fan of the NYT, but I must say, this Audubon link gets top score for that beautiful photo. How very kind of you to think of me. Painted buntings are so amazing, aren’t they? 😀

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  3. I was introduced to the bird watching in 2012 in Cuba and since then I am hooked. It was amazing to see the frigatebird In Galapagos Island. You have many beautiful photos here

  4. Birding is awesome..I picked up the hobby 4 years ago unexpectedly and I now love it. I can’t believe all the beautiful things I was missing in nature before. I got a chance to see that frigate bird with the red pouch last year while visiting Jamaica. Your photos are just so beautiful!!

    • Thank you, Leola, I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed birding here. I agree, birding is a wonderful way to take in the subtle and extensive beauties on earth. Glad you had the opportunity to see the male frigate bird in breeding, there’s nothing like it.

  5. I have always loved birds.
    Currently, I have a mockingbird that sits in the oak tree by my bedroom window and sings all night long.
    I hear that they will sing 24/7 sometimes, if they are still searching for a mate?
    The secretary bird in your photo above looks almost half-human.
    Black shorts and long legs…..with a bird on top. 🙂

    • Wonderful to hear from you, Mary, and I loved hearing about the mockingbird outside your bedroom window. Mockingbirds are so musical and intelligent with their extensive repertoire. And I agree, the secretary bird does look almost half-human. It’s not often we see a bird with that much bare leg exposed. Those legs are so strong. My warmest thanks for your visit.

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