Fort Point, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point left center

Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point left center

Tucked underneath the Golden Gate Bridge is a military fort once so important to the Bay Area that the bridge was designed and built around it.


Today it is a national and state historical landmark, the site of tours and recreation.


Fort Point and Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Point and Golden Gate Bridge

In 1853 the fort was strategically built at the entrance to the San Francisco Bay to withstand any foreign attack. It first served to protect during the Gold Rush of the 1850s, then later when the Civil War broke out.


Built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, there were seven-foot-thick walls; concrete fortifications; steel, breech-loading rifled guns; and 103  of the most formidable cannons of the time.


Fort Point entrance

Fort Point entrance

A shot was never fired and an attack never came, but over the years the fort would be used for various military needs.


Interestingly, this major military fortification hosted a family Halloween event last week, featuring a children’s costume parade.  Part of the mosaic of living in the 21st century.


More info at Wikipedia and National Park Service.


Fisherman at Fort Point

Fisherman at Fort Point

In the 1930s during the design phase of the bridge, there was much debate about what to do with the fort. Joseph Strauss, the lead engineer, recommended the bridge be built around the fort, so that is what was done.


Many movies and television shows have been filmed at this picturesque site, the most popular being Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” when Kim Novak jumped into the water and Jimmy Stewart rescued her.


Watch for another thrilling scene that takes place at Fort Point, in my new book available in a few days.

Golden Gate Graveyard

Photo credit: Athena Alexander

San Francisco Bay from Fort Point

San Francisco Bay from Fort Point



38 thoughts on “Fort Point, San Francisco

    • I’m glad the Vertigo reference helped, Alastair. I considered leaving the Hollywood element out, but it is a special historical feature of Ft. Point; and now I’m glad I included it. Many thanks!

  1. Although I have been to and over the Golden Gate Bridge quite a few times I have never visited the Fort. I love the fact that Vertigo was filmed there and more recently a children’s Halloween parade…that’s wonderful….but most of all I love the fact that your new book is about to be released…I will definitely be purchasing.. Fantastic news. Very cold in London at the moment and so good weather to be painting indoors. Hope you have a lovely Monday and week ahead. Janet:)

    • Thank you so much, Janet, for your thoughtful comments and sentiments. I am really excited, too, about the new release of my book. It is three years in the making and a milestone for me. I really appreciate your unwavering support. I hope your week indoors painting is colorful and lively.

  2. Such a scenic spot, and an interesting history too! Happy memories!
    Excitement is mounting here at PlaidCamper Towers as we await publication of your new book…
    Have a great week!

  3. “Vertigo” was tremendous hit, great film, I’m a fan of Bernard Herrmann who wrote the background music! My congratulations on your book my friend! My very best wished to you! 🙂

    • I hope you do see the Golden Gate Bridge someday, Lola; it is very grand. But until then I will be doing quite a few SF posts to highlight scenes in my new mystery, to give you a good glimpse of the bridge and the city. Thanks so very much~~

  4. Thanks for the lovely revisit to one of my favorite spots. I keep thinking I need to figure out this Kindle thing. I don’t suppose there’s a way to read your book on good old-fashioned paper?

    • Hi Gunta. I’m glad you’be been to Ft.Point. Good news! My new book, Golden Gate Graveyard, will be in good ‘ol fashioned paperback (and digital too). When it comes out (soon), I will have links on my WP post. Enjoy!

  5. Wow, that’s an interesting place! I have this idea to use the fort as housing since the housing market in SF is so crazy expensive 😀 But at last, the kids had a great time during the Halloween there 🙂
    Your book sounds intriguing! I love the idea to use historical places in a book! I will take a look and thanks so much for informative post..I have to visit SF someday!!

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