Book Testimonials

Here are a few quotes from readers of Golden Gate Graveyard and Wicked Walkabout.

Photos are Jet in the research and/or writing process. 

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Testimonials from Readers of Golden Gate Graveyard:

From BP:  “A clever mystery that keeps you guessing. I love the mystery-solving Anne Lamington, a complex woman with a kind heart but clear eye who shows a tenacious resolve to get to the bottom of things and put them right. All the characters are drawn with compassion and wit, including San Francisco which is really more a character in the story than the setting alone. The story has twists and turns as every good mystery should and also delights with its keen portraits of people and places.”

Jet researching, green coat, far left. This was an event at 5 a.m. in downtown San Francisco at the Lotta's Fountain anniversary celebration of the 1906 earthquake.
Jet researching, green jacket, far left. This was an event at 5 a.m. in downtown San Francisco at the Lotta’s Fountain anniversary celebration of the 1906 earthquake.

From ST: “If you love mysteries set in everyone’s favorite City by the Bay then you’ll love this new book in the Anne Lamington series. Jet Eliot takes you on a wild ride through San Francisco that keeps you guessing right up to the end. No spoilers, but the scene on Alcatraz was movie-worthy.”

Jet researching for the Alcatraz scene, at a scaled model of Alcatraz Island in SF at Pier 33.
Jet researching, far left in sunglasses, for the Alcatraz scene, at a scaled model of Alcatraz Island in SF at Pier 33.

From HH: “…The author weaves a twisting tale of intrigue that kept me guessing until the last moments. The characters are interesting and likeable (mostly!) and I found myself drawn into their world. San Francisco is also a great character in the book – the author weaves its history and present into the story effortlessly, so that I felt that I was on those streets with the characters. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”

From SF: “I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is engrossing and well written. The descriptions of the place, characters and history add depth to this novel.”

NM: “GREAT book. I highly recommend it.”

AD: “What an opening chapter. Your book was great! I do not often read mystery/detective novels these days but I really enjoyed this and you touched on a number of issues that need to be addressed by wider society.”

DG: “I bought it right away and have read a couple of pages. I almost could smell the smoke….”

GU: “Did I mention I really, really liked your book?”

JR: “I am really enjoying the book and learning so much about the history of San Francisco…I love the characters…some of them are so strong and colourful….I could also imagine your books being made into a film/movie.”

SW: “I am reading your new book and it is FANTASTIC — congratulations. I love reading about San Francisco through the eyes of vivid and interesting characters – well done!”

ACI: “I finished your very suspenseful novel last night…. Excellent mystery and characters that had me guessing many outcomes throughout the story.”

PC: “Read GGG and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for that!”

Testimonials from Wicked Walkabout readers:

From SF:  “Very enjoyable mystery. Great descriptive writing. I loved the setting. Being a birder, I loved the parts about the cassowary. I look forward to reading more books by this author.”

From SM: “Wicked Walkabout was fun and fast paced. Don’t let Anne Lamington’s mild manner fool you, she knows how to get the information she needs to help solve the mystery. Grab an ice tea, settle in on a beach lounge chair and enjoy a good read.”

From FG: “A page-turning murder mystery – I didn’t see the end coming.”