A Batty Limerick

Spectacled Flying Fox (Bat), Australia

Spectacled Flying Fox (Bat), Australia

We all have our different ways

to get through the cold and dark days

some like to pout

others will shout

but usually it’s just a short phase.

And then there is this flying fox

who stays in his own winged box

wherever he goes

from his head to his toes

he is safe…and I think that he rocks.

Travel Limerick

Serengeti Elephant and Buffalo

Serengeti Elephant and Buffalo

Welcome to twenty fourteen

I hope it’s the best I have seen

plans will be made

before they can fade

for adventures to which I am keen. 



I don’t know as yet what’s in store

but it’s something to make my heart soar

it’s got to be wild

for my inner child

and with mammals that trumpet or roar.