Halloween Pennant Dragonfly, Horicon Marsh, Wisc.

Whether it’s a pandemic, disaster, or personal devastation, there are times in all our lives when a few moments of peace can bring us into balance. Here are a few reminders of the sweetness of life on earth, I hope they bring you peace.


No matter what is unfolding in these weeks of chaos and fear, a few hopeful signs of spring can be so uplifting.

Lambs, California

Carrizo Plains, California


Or a special gift of light, usually lasting only a second, that spotlights a wild creature just perfectly.


These two photos below are the same species: male Anna’s Hummingbird. One moment his gorget can be mostly black…

Anna’s hummingbird (male), California


…and with a turn of the bird’s head and just the right light, the gorget becomes iridescent hot pink. How incredible is that?

Anna’s Hummingbird, California.


I love it when light shines through a jackrabbit’s long ears. The ears look brown and furry, and then the rabbit hops into the sun and suddenly you can see each vein.

Jackrabbit, Northern California


Sometimes we have natural audio gifts to enhance the moment, like when you are so close to a bird gliding by that you can hear the wind in its wings.

Brown Pelican, California


Place can give us peace too. Sometime it’s the complete familiarity of a place that lifts our spirit.  Like knowing a place so well, you know where to go to find the wildflowers.

Shooting Stars, Dodecathion, one mile from home, Calif.


Or the comfort of simply knowing a bird species your whole life. I’ve probably seen a million American robins in my lifetime. It is solid, soothing information that no matter how disorienting the times are, the robin is still the robin.

American Robin eating toyon berry, Calif.


Old redwoods give me the comfort of feeling young.

Athena with one old redwood tree


A creature popping their head out of the ground always gives me a smile.

Western Toad in burrow, California


Sometimes magic comes in seeing a wild creature that you never knew existed…

Bigfin Reef Squid, Monterey Bay Aquarium


… or finding characters that are marvelously strange.

Marine Iguana, Galapagos Islands


I love to be out on a hike when I come upon a wild mammal just doing their own thing. We came upon this cow moose who was chomping down a grassy meal…

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, Moose


… and this cow elk, quietly grazing.

Elk in Yellowstone


We have these moments in nature because, as humans, we are part of nature. Fortunately, our sweet memories can carry us through the challenging times, remind us how wonderful life can be.


Be well, my friends.


Written by Jet Eliot.

Photos by Athena Alexandra.

Black-necked Stilts, Northern California


103 thoughts on “Peace

  1. “…and with a turn of the bird’s head and just the right light, the gorget becomes iridescent hot pink. How incredible is that?“

    Immensely, incredible. Thanks for the great blog this week.

    • How wonderful to have you stop by, Terry, and your response to the hummingbird makes me smile, for you have such an affinity to hummingbirds. I’m glad you enjoyed the post today, thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for this positive and peaceful note, Jet, just the thing to start the day today and much appreciated!
    We hope you’re both well and find ways to enjoy the weekend ahead. Take care!

    • It’s a delight knowing I started your day on a good note, PC. I’m still smiling from your post, the joys of being an introvert during this social distancing crisis. We are both well, fortunately, and I hope you and Mrs. PC are too. We had rain this week so this weekend I’m hoping to get outside and work on keeping some of the invasives cut back. Enjoy your weekend, and many thanks for your delightful visit.

  3. You’ve got me smiling, Jet. A big wow on the gorget. As for your other images, I was enthralled. Keep shining your light and yes the way through this storm that is raging on earth is by focusing on exactly what you show here …. NATURE. Have a great day and THANK YOU! xo

    • I have the feeling you’ll be outdoors on your belly photographing more beautiful sights as you rally in nature, Amy. Big smiles and big thanks to you, for this lovely comment. Take good care….

    • I’m lucky to have this beautiful earth as my home, and happy to share it with you, Mike. My best wishes for good health and happy Alps hiking to you, my friend. Thanks so much.

    • I’m glad to hear you found today’s post soothing, Eliza. And you’re right to many wonderful things out there waiting for us. Pretty soon that garden of yours will be buzzing with life. My warmest thanks.

  4. Thank you for a brief respite from the current chaos, Jet. It was lovely to hear your calming words and see Athena’s beautiful photographs… and good to get a reminder that this, too, shall pass…

    • I am so happy I could give you a brief respite from the chaos, dear Nan. Sometimes just a few minutes of relief can go a long way. Although we may all be physically distanced at this time, we can still send lots of love and warmth to each other. Love to you, and many thanks.

  5. Jet and Athena, thank you for these beautiful photos and thoughts. People need so much right now to find a calm place in themselves. I love the Lamb photos, they are so darn cute and are smiling! The humming bird is beautiful with it’s different colors. Be safe guys! 😎

    • I’m always glad when you stop by, John, thanks for your great comment. I like that lamb photo too. It was a large herd and every adult had little nearby lambs, and in the bright green springtime grass they were so adorable. I thought they were smiling too! I hope you’re smiling today, my friend, and take care.

  6. The return of the robins are always a welcomed event. This year I heard them before I saw them. Outdoor walks haven’t been canceled and whereas I won’t see all the wonderful images you have shared, I will enjoy the wonders I do come across. Thanks for sharing your photos and message.

      • Thanks. I think it’s important to keep things in perspective with all the doom and gloom over the virus and the economy. There is a lot of beauty and goodness out there and we would do well to keep it in mind at a time like this. So thanks for a lovely post to remind us.

    • We’re lucky we still have nature, and thank heaven we can still walk outside for exercise. Glad you enjoyed the lamb photo, Jan. It’s a spring scene in Sonoma County. Many thanks, as always.

    • It’s been a spinning sort of week, so I’m glad I could finish the week with a calm post. I’m delighted you enjoyed the post today, MB, thanks so much for your visit.

  7. Lovely photos Jet! Couldn’t be a more peaceful post in these troubled times. I’m sure the nature will help the world to go over the pandemic soon! Stay safe!

  8. The stilts, the robin, the exquisite hummer– these & so much more reflect the beauty of our place on Earth, the peace that can be found with so little effort if we turn their way in these trying times… Thank you, Jet & Athena.

    • Yes, thank goodness we have the wildlife and nature scenes to cradle us in these trying times. Really enjoyed your comment and words, Walt, as always. Thanks for your lovely visit.

    • Yes, I think it is an angel…of a sort. Saw that beauty on a hot summer morning in the Horicon Marsh. Thanks Bill, always a joy to “see” you, and my best wishes for peace and health.

    • Hi Tom, always a pleasure to have you stop by, and your words are much appreciated. The words and images you share in your blog last with me for a long time, so I am glad I could share some peaceful images with you today. Be well, my friend.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the post, Matti, and came for a visit. Yes, that redwood, also in northern California, is in a forest about an hour north of San Francisco. We go there a lot at birthday time to feel young…and it works! Wonderful to have your visit from Finland, Matti, thank you.

  9. My favorite detail from all of these wonderful photos was the light shining through the jackrabbit’s ears. No matter how dense or tangled an obstacle may seem, there’s always a way for a little light to get through, or around. Thanks for the reminder, and a beautiful post, Jet.

    • I do so love that phenomenon of the light penetrating through a jackrabbit’s ears. We’ve had rain lately and green grass, and a jackrabbit has been enjoying the fresh tasty grass daily. If I watch long enough and the sun is out, I get to see the pink ears. Sure enough, I had the pleasure again this week of seeing the sun shine pink through the ears. I’m glad you enjoyed it in the photo, too, Linda. Many thanks for your visits, much appreciated.

  10. Such an uplifting and calming post Jet.I have been using this quiet time as one of self reflection and setting of priorities. I always seem so busy rushing around doing who knows what. I think I will come away with such appreciation for the simplest of things. It is still winter here although the sun is making valiant attempts to rid us of snow and ice. Meanwhile your spring photos have brightened my day substantially. Stay well friends.

    • So wonderful to hear you’re doing well, Sue, and using this unusual time to enjoy life in other ways. I’m really glad I could bring a spot of spring to your Canadian winter days, and calmness during the upheaval. Sending you and Dave bright wishes for peace and ease and continued good health.

    • I’m really glad I could bring you some peace during these chaotic times, Pam. And now that we’ve crossed past the first day of spring, I can guarantee you the joys of spring are right around the corner. My warmest thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  11. What an awesome post!! Perfect! I spend every morning with my cup of coffee in our back yard listening quietly to nature waking up…squirrels, birds, etc….brings peace and has been additionally helpful of late with all that is going on!

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the peace post, Kirt, and truly delighted to know you have your own method for staying balanced in these trying times. I do a similar thing as you at dawn. My warmest thanks and best wishes to you, Kirt.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the balancing dragonfly and sunlit rabbit photos, Cathy. There’s nothing like nature to cheer up any day. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the photos, Sheryl, and that they brought you some uplift during these trying times. All is well at home, considering the times, and good health continues to bless us. I’m baking more right now, find it relaxing. Thanks very much for your visit.

    • I am happy to hear from you, Bertie, thanks so much. Isn’t that a fun photo with the toad? He or she kept popping out, seeing us, then ducking in again. It’s really fun to witness this action with any burrowing animal. Moles are usually too quick, so it was great fun when Athena captured this toad image. You stay well, too, my friend.

  12. Thank you so much for this gift, Jet (and Athena)! Seems as though we’re on much the same wave length. Nothing to do but to hunker down and appreciate what we are lucky enough to have (for the moment)!
    Stay well and healthy and happy…..

    • Lovely to hear from you, Gunta, and I whole-heartedly agree with you in hunkering down and appreciating what we have during these uncertain times. Sending my best wishes your way…and many thanks.

  13. Thank you for that wonderful reminder of the natural things on this planet Jet – the photos are great and the creatures and flowers wonderful. I have a feeling things with the coronavirus are going to get much worse here in the UK and I find it very stressful. The blogging community is an excellent way to keep grounded and be reminded of so many of the good things around us. Good luck in these difficult times and stay fit and healthy.

    • Yes, these are definitely trying times around the world. And I agree, Alastair, the blogging community has been an uplifting way to socialize and the safest yet. Thanks so much for your visit and warm message, and I send my best wishes to you and your family for safe and healthy days ahead.

    • Thanks for your visit, Kris and Aileen. I’m glad you enjoyed the adventures. You’ll be happy to know we do not get close to any dangerous animals. Athena, who takes the photos, has a very long lens, and we stay very safe and respectful, not only for our sakes, but also for the animal’s sake.

    • Oh so fun to hear we rock the casbah, Frank. I’m smiling right now at this, so is Athena. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and writing, my friend, and hope you are enjoying some peace in the midst of all that is going on. I have no doubt you are, for your photos are all about peace and beauty. Thanks so much, Frank.

  14. A beautiful post, Jet. We all need some inner and outer peace right now. I’m grateful that skies seem bluer and waterwaysare reported as being cleaner as a result of reduced pollution from our reduced activity. It’s one small positive we can take from this current situation.

    • Yes, it has been interesting how this extended shut-down has effected our planet with less pollution. Moving forward I am curious to see how our species will be effected by this devastating period. We just keep moving forward, and hopefully peace goes with you, my friend. Thanks so much for your visits.

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