Welcoming 2020

Giant Eagle Owl, aka Verreaux’s Owl, Botswana, Africa

As we step forward into a fresh new year, and decade, here are some wise words from a few of my wild friends.


Greet each day with a smile.

Crocodile, Kakadu Nat’l. Park, Australia


Enjoy the search for life’s nectar.

Scaly-breasted Hummingbird, Belize


Wear your true colors …

Yellow Tangs, Big Island, Hawaii

but on crabby days, lay low.

Sally Lightfoot Crab, Galapagos Islands


Eat good foods …

House Finch, Gold Dusk Gecko Eating Papaya, Hawaii

and drink plenty of water.

Young African Elephant Drinking Water, Botswana, Africa


Share the resources.

Bighorn Sheep and Moose at pond, Rocky Mtn. NP, Colorado


Wildlife, who have to physically work for every bite, like to remind us humans of the importance of movement. They tell us to …

Exercise …

Sable, Botswana, Africa

and stretch.

Leopard, Tanzania, Africa


I’ve watched plenty of wildlife simply having fun, especially ravens.

Common Raven, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Wildlife remind us to:

Hang out with our mates …

Grey-headed Flying Fox colony, Sydney, Australia

and cherish our loved ones.

Baird’s Tapir, juvenile and mother, Belize


Try to get along with everyone …

Hippo with heron, Zambia, Luangwa Valley, Africa

but when it’s not possible, take leave.

Humpback Whale, Kenai, Alaska

And because we are granted many days in each new year, there are bound to be some bad days too. The wisdom there is:

When life gives you dung, be a dung beetle.

Dung Beetle, Serengeti, Kenya, Africa


It’s good to be industrious …

Leafcutter Ant with leaf spear, Belize

but don’t forget to take time to perch …

Keel-billed Toucan, Belize

and relax.

Guatemalan Black Howler Monkey, Belize


Never stop singing …

Dickcissel, Texas

and just keep hopping.

Grey Kangaroos, Australia


Wishing you the best in 2020, my friends. Thanks for sharing the sparks of 2019 with me.


Written by Jet Eliot.

All photos by Athena Alexander.

Blue Monkey, Mt. Kenya, Kenya, Africa


125 thoughts on “Welcoming 2020

  1. What excellent messages Jet, and all attached to perfect, beautiful images. My message to myself, friends and family at the end / start of the year was “I’m looking forward”. Thanks for this and all your wonderful posts and hears looking forward to many more – cheers! 😊

    • Thanks so much, Alastair. I’m glad you enjoyed the New Year post, and it was great to hear from you. Best wishes to you as you move forward. Happy New Year, my friend, I hope it is filled with grand walks and fun times.

  2. Jet I love this. It should be made into an official calendar!! Such a great collection of photos and a wonderful variety of wildlife. I was thinking about you recently…. We had an ornithologist from Spain stay in our little nest in Sri Lanka (which we still rent in order to use for home exchanges and Airbnb). He was able to identify 49 birds just on our property!! We were always trying to identify what we saw and heard, using a bird book of course, but being neophytes it was not easy and we were left in the dark….. wondering… Am looking forward to his list so we can look them up finally and know the names.

    Wishing you both a wonderful 2020 full of nature, wildlife, birds and tranquility.


    • Such a wonderful comment, Peta, thank you so much. I love that you thought of me in association with the ornithologist. What a gift that he identified the birds on your property. Athena and I do this for folks wherever we stay (in our home country, U.S.). I don’t usually get feedback if they used the info or not, but just hearing that you enjoyed his feedback gives me a great smile. Sending my best to you and Ben for a fantastic new year; and thanks so much for a great year of worldly exchanges and photos.

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