Post Card from Space

NASA space suit, Kennedy Space Center

I’m not really in space, but after a day immersed in a NASA facility, I can say it won’t be long before humans will be sending digital post cards to their Earthling loved ones from space.


This week I visited the Kennedy Space Center on the Atlantic coast of Florida near Cape Canaveral. I am looking forward to sharing with you the marvels of the center, as well as the man-made miracles of space travel.


For now, I’m visiting with family, enjoying boat rides, beach walks and bird walks, laughter and good times.


I had forgotten the Atlantic coast’s long, distinctive flat stretches of white sand beaches and warm water. I’m more accustomed to the lovely Pacific beaches with craggy coastlines and water so cold it numbs your feet.


We have seen alligators and a manatee, plenty of marsh wading birds. The sharp call of a blue  jay, a familiar sound I grew up with but never hear in California, greets me every morning.


Sending best wishes for sweet moments this weekend….

Written by Jet Eliot.

Photo by Athena Alexander.


39 thoughts on “Post Card from Space

    • It had been awhile for me since I visited Fla., too, Jan. And a great relief to see rain and have electricity all the time, running water, the whole bit. Thanks, as always, for your visit.

  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! I look forward to hearing more about your visit to the Kennedy Space Center. I would enjoy seeing the different bird species in that area as I too am from the Pacific NW region. 😃

    • Thanks so much, pc. My sister and her husband moved here recently and it’s fun to be in a completely different part of the world, exploring their new region. Many thanks, as always, my friend.

  2. I’ve always been very intrigued by things out of this world. The whole universe and the grandiosity of it, still fascinate me as much as it did when I was just a kid. NASA was the hero of my dreams. Great minds have been put together to conquer the space and will in time create incredible devices to travel to other worlds some day. Splendid post my friend. 🙂

    • You’re right, HJ, it’s incredible what the dedicated minds and spirits of our NASA heroes have created. Astonishing. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to go to the Kennedy Space Center, and look forward to sharing more. Thanks so much, HJ, for your thoughtful comment and warm words. Much appreciated.

  3. This may give you a smile. Atop the McDonald’s restaurant next to the entrance to the Johnson Space Center here, there’s a huge, fully suited-up astronaut that looks just like this one. It’s always fun to see the tourists from everywhere in the world taking photos next to the various signs and rockets. I’m sure you and Athena are taking some photos, too! Enjoy!

    • I did get a kick out of your astronaut at the McDonald’s near Johnson Space Center, Linda. I’ve been to that space facility as well, and enjoyed a wonderful tour. I never saw the McDonald’s though, so I loved hearing about it. Many thanks for your visits today.

    • Dearest Nan, how fun that we were both soaking up the space shuttle Atlantis while this astronaut suit dangled above us. A true delight and honor. Thank you, as always, for visiting here today.

  4. Sounds like a great time, Jet! I would love to tour the Space Center….so fascinating!! As a child my Dad had connections to the Houston Space Center and during one of our Texas trips we got a private tour. I remember being mesmerized and in awe of all of it….always wanted to do the Cape Canaveral thing! Good for you!

    • “Awe” is the best word to describe space center tours, isn’t it, Kirt? I was fortunate to have a private tour at the Houston Space Center, too, and it really charged me up for life toward all the magnificence of the space program in our country. You would like the Kennedy Space Center, and since you’re a big traveler, there may be a time when you’ll get a chance to visit it. Thanks so much for your visit and comment, much appreciated.

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