Wishing you…

…the sweet nectar of life

this holiday season and

throughout the new year.

Tufted Coquette, male, Trinidad

One of the world’s tiniest hummingbirds, the tufted coquette is about the size of a credit card. They live in rainforests and gardens, in a few countries in and around South America. Hummingbirds are a symbol of joy.

Photo credit: Athena Alexander


89 thoughts on “Wishing you…

  1. Such a beautiful bird, amazing! I heard but didn’t see a humming bird the other day before it got much cooler. Wishing you both a wonderful holiday Jet!

    • It is a wonderful thing to hear the buzz or squeak of a hummingbird, even if you do not see them. My thanks for your visit today, John, and happy holiday wishes for you, too. I just visited the Stratosphere on your recent post, and what a great vista way up there in the LV sky. Enjoy!

  2. That’s a wonderful bird and a fabulous capture, Jet.
    Happy Holidays and all the best wishes for a healthy, peaceful New Year to the both of youβ£οΈπŸŒΏβ€οΈπŸŒΏπŸ€ΆπŸŽ„πŸŽ… 2017 was a hard one for you.
    See you next year,
    The Fab Four of Cley x

    • Oh how lovely to see all the happy emoticons and special greetings, Fab Four, thank you. Yes, it was a rocky autumn and winter this year, and things are still unsettled and challenging, but I am certain the new year will be one of great learning and expansion. Cheers to that, and many thanks to you for the great exchanges we have had throughout 2017.

    • Thanks so very much, Sherry. We are enjoying the peace of the mountain woods at our friends’ house, and relaxing with the changing light and winter blessings of the solstice. I send warm wishes for a lovely holiday season to you and your husband, Sherry. Thank you for all the great photos this year, I especially enjoy seeing the birds and plants in Central Park, you bring it alive for me.

    • I look forward to a more settled 2018 too, Helen. But I am happy to say that in spite of the disaster, I have experienced moments of great joy, and am certain this will continue. I wish great joy to you, too, and thank you for your visits and kind comments.

    • Before we went to Trinidad, we studied the field guide and hoped to see this beauty, but knew not to be too determined for any one species. Our lodge was deep in the rainforest and had hummingbird feeders out that attracted the coquettes, along with these flowers. They are difficult to get focused even in the binoculars, and almost impossible to photograph due to their extreme and erratic speed. But Athena spent many dawn mornings before breakfast trying, and had success. Sending warm wishes to you, Mike, for a happy holiday season, and thank you for all the excellent photos throughout this year. I also enjoyed the recent visit to Vienna.

    • My thanks, Alastair, for your continued friendship and readership, I so enjoy our exchanges and look forward to a new year of more delights. I hope you and your family enjoy a peaceful holiday, with many beautiful sights and sounds.

  3. A delightful bird, and it has to be seen to be believed – love it!
    Thanks, Jet, for this and all the other tremendous nature posts all year, even when you’ve been up against Mother Nature’s sterner side. Have a wonderful holiday season!

    • Yes, I have been up against Mother Nature’s sterner side this year, haven’t I? Even so, there is always a place to heal in nature, and what a joy it is to share this with you, PC. I’m in the mountains at present, there is no snow here in the lower Sierras, and the locals are disappointed but I am not a fan of snow so I am glad. I hope you, however, get loads of snow, but stay safe too. Cheers, my friend, and thank you for yet another lovely year of friendship.

  4. Beautiful message, gorgeous photo – a simple but elegant post. Best wishes to you and Athena for a Merry Christmas and blessed new year.

    • Thanks so much, ACI. That little coquette is so sprightly, like a little Christmas fairy. Sending smiles and joy to you this holiday season, and thank you for all the festive holiday posts and a year of great exchanges.

    • One of the most splashy little hummingbirds, isn’t it, Iris? Thank you, my friend, for your ongoing support and kindness here, and what a joy it has been to partake of your beautiful poetry and upbeat spirit. All the best wishes to you for a terrific 2018.

    • Such a stunning little bird, and a pleasure to share with you, Amy. Thank you for taking us all over the world this past year, and many warm wishes to you and your husband and loved ones for a lovely holiday and delightful new year.

    • Thank you so very much, Bertie. I am grateful for the wonderful day we had together, Bertie, and for your continued friendship. I hope you are enjoying a peaceful holiday season with your family….

  5. One of my al time favorite posts Jet. Thank you for lighting up the world with your joyful spirit and Alexandra’s outstanding photos. May the New Year bring peace, love and joy πŸ™

    • Dear Val, I have had the opportunity to practice mindful balance on a large scale this past season, and I am grateful for your guiding posts, words of wisdom, and gentle touch along the way. Your kind comment here has me smiling, thank you so much. Namaste.

    • Thank you, Walt, much appreciated. Best wishes to you for great holidays and a new year filled with beautiful fishing experiences and adventures, and a flow of creative words.

  6. That’s beautiful!!! πŸŒΉπŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŒΉπŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŒΉπŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. Wishing you a lovely holiday season! β€οΈπŸŽ„β€οΈπŸŽ„β€οΈπŸŽ„

    • Isn’t that tufted coquette splendid? I’m glad you liked it, Eliza, and appreciate your visit. And I hope your holiday, too, is a fun one, and your new year a garden of delights with each new day.

    • These little coquettes are some of the fastest birds I have ever seen, HJ. Sometimes when they zoom by, I initially mistake it for an insect. Thank you for your warm greetings and have a wonderful holiday filled with happy times and lots of birds.

  7. Thanks to you and Athena for another look at the tufted coquette and sending you wishes for the same sweet nectar! May 2018 bring peace and joy and love ❀️ and both of you settled back in your own home sweet home 🏠!
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts I’ve enjoyed throughout this year.

    • Dear Gunta, thank you so much for the lovely greetings. I, too, have enjoyed this past year of your insightful posts with peaceful nature photos, and quotes, and our warm exchanges. Cheers for a great new year ahead.

    • Thanks so much to you both, Peta & Ben. I’m glad you enjoyed the tufted coquette, and look forward to sharing more beauty with you in the new year. I always enjoy the rich, worldly adventures your posts take me on, thank you. And have a lovely 2018.

    • Thank you for your kind message today and always, Eddie. It is a pleasure to share the beauties of life with you. My thanks for a wonderful year of your thoughtful posts sharing the wisdom of an inspiring cast. Have a happy holiday, my friend.

    • Thanks so very much, David. Today I had the pure joy of a walk deep in the woods, in a fresh and unburned forest of cedar and pine, and it was as if my lungs were drinking up not only fresh air, but happiness too. Thank you so much for this past year of friendship and your words of wisdom, I look forward to a new year of this gift, and send my wishes to you for a delightful new year.

  8. Our hummingbird gave us an earful this morning as their sugar-water was frozen. A quick trip to the carport to find a backup feeder followed by a quick warm-up to take the chill out of the glass before having fresh sugar-water added then hung back up outside. There was one VERY happy little hummer not moving from the feeder for at least ten minutes – it made me a tad concerned though he was giving himself a mega sugar rush!😁

    • Oh how I enjoyed this story, Joanne. They do get ornery, don’t they? How very kind of you to take the time and interest to provide them with resources, especially during this time of frozen nature. Sending joy your way, Joanne, for a happy holiday and a new year filled with sweetness.

  9. Such a lovely wish and a gorgeous photo. Extra special hugs to you and Athena this Christmas jet. We think of you so often and hope 2018 is full of happy days and settling home once again.

    • Thanks so much for the extra special hugs, dear Sue, and thank you for your ever-constant visits and comments today. We have had the peace of living in our friends’ mountain home and walking in the woods this holiday weekend, enjoying a getaway and brief renewal. I so loved visiting your site today. Happy holidays to you and your family, and wishes for an adventurous and love-filled new year.

  10. I will take the tiny beauty with me to hang it on my Christmas Tree,and bring it back at the end of this very special Season,if you don’t mind,dear Jet.Meantime,I’ll use the sweet nectar of life in my Christmas sweets.Thank you so much for such a heartwarming and soulful post,my friend.Hope 2018 will give you back what 2017 took away from you so mercilessly.Wishing you & Athena a Wonderful Christmas ε½‘β˜…ε½‘

    Christmas plant and Seasonal Greetings

    • So glad this little tufted coquette made it to your Christmas tree, Doda. And thank you for the gift of your photos, a sparkling collection of beauty and spirit. I have no doubt that you are enjoying a warm and festive holiday this weekend, and I send my love and best wishes to you for a new year filled with the light of the universe. Cheers, my dear friend.

  11. What a wonderful shot by Athena. Spot on, great timing. That hummingbird sure looks hungry. Interesting to hear they are a symbol of joy πŸ™‚ Wishing you a great season ahead, and a prosperous 2018 πŸ™‚

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