86 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017 for you and for Alexandra. A beautiful Monarch Butterfly is a perfect symbol for the new year–it emerges from its cocoon totally transformed, ready to fly free into a different world from the one it experienced as a caterpillar.

    • I have always found butterflies inspiring for their ability to transform, and appreciate your description and connection here, Mike. Time for us all to fly forth into a new year with new wings — very exciting. Thanks so much for your lovely comment here, and for sharing all your delightful park discoveries and stunning photos over the past year~~

    • Dear Andy, thank you for this warm comment and for your kind words and visits over the past year. We were wandering alone through marshy woodland and even though it was only 7 am on a June morning, the humidity and heat were intense and the mosquitoes were rabid. This photo captures the magic of that walk, the beauty that lifted us above the uncomfortable conditions. My thanks to you~~

  2. Our very best wishes to you and Athena for the happiest of years ahead in 2017. Although we met for a brief moment in time we feel a special connection and shared joy in exploring this wonderful world. Happy New Year friends!

    • Such a joy to receive this comment, Sue, and to have met you and Dave and shared a recent SF adventure together. Athena and I both extend our best wishes to you both and your family, for a truly wonderful new year ahead.

    • Oh how fun, these are all the aspects of a new year that I hope for. Thank you, SWI, for your sweet comment here, and for your continued support. And thank you also for sharing your lovely sketches and art on your blog, I have enjoyed it immensely.

    • My best to you and Mrs. pc, too, my friend for a great year ahead. I’m delighted you read GGG and thoroughly enjoyed it — hopefully some of the sites in the book reminded you of our day together in SF. πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post today, Nan. We found the monarch quietly feeding on nectar on the Horicon Marsh. And as for hope, well, you know me. No matter what happens, we always have hope, and what a blessing that is. Aloha cheers for a beautiful new year!

    • It is a wonderful thing to close the year with the monarch, I agree, Bertie. Thanks so much for your great comments and friendship this year, Bertie — my best to you for a fantastic 2017.

    • I think you and I spend our time wandering around in similar sorts of woods, meadows, and ponds, ACI — because I sure like your beautiful photos and words too. I’m glad you liked the words. It’s the first time I have used Shakespeare’s words, and I’m excited about it because there are so many words he wrote. It’s always a joy to rekindle with the geniuses. Cheers for a new year filled with beautiful places, words, vistas, and geniuses, my friend~~

    • I appreciate your kind words, Gunta; always. This butterfly looks so perfect with his or her wings closed. But when the wings were opened there was a tiny tear in the edge of the wing. So the better photo was with wings closed, and it looked like the little beauty could fly just fine even with the tear…so off we all went to get our own forms of nectar. I hope your new year is full of more success (your new house was such an accomplishment) and good health, my friend~~

    • It is great to start a new year, I always feel the lift. Thank you for lifting me Sriram, with your beautiful and peaceful posts. And my best wishes to you for a great year too~~

    • And so many adventures we both have ahead of us, Rommel — it is always an adventure with you, too, and I enjoy it completely. Thanks for bringing the world to me in its most beautiful forms.

  3. Such a delightful and symbolic nature image,dear friend Jet!Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a Happy & Peaceful New Year filled with “Light & Creativity” πŸ™‚ *./ \ .Λ› .Λ›.*.β˜…* *β˜… 。*

    • Dearest Sherry, thank you for your lovely wishes. I bid you my warmest wishes for a new year filled with health and peace, and more great birds and scenes to be found from behind your camera lens. πŸ™‚

  4. Happy New Year to you both, dear Jet and Athena! Thank you both for bringing so much joy and beauty into this world. My partner and I always enjoy seeing the world through your wonderful writing and Athena’s beautiful photography. Wishing you both much success, joy, love and many delightful surprises in the New Year! I look forward to following your travels, thoughts and adventures in the New Year. ~ Jeannie :))

    • Dearest Jeannie, thank you for your joyous good wishes and kind words. I, too, get so much enjoyment from your lovely posts throughout the year. In my post today I provided a link to your recent winter post because I so appreciated the winter joy and beauty you shared. Cheers to a great new year ahead!

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