Wishing you this holiday season…


Lioness, Africa

Lioness, Africa



Time to relax,





Otter, Alaska

Otter, Kenai, Alaska

and enjoy~~





Denali, Alaska

Denali, Alaska

Plenty of beauty on your path,





Elephants, Tanzania, Africa

Elephants, Tanzania, Africa

lots of love,





Purple Finch, California

Purple Finch, California







Kangaroos, Australia

Kangaroos, Australia

and hoppin’ good times.






Elegant Trogon, Mexico

Elegant Trogon, Mexico

Happy Holidays, my friends, and many thanksΒ for yourΒ valuable friendship~~


Photo credit: Athena Alexander





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76 thoughts on “Wishing you this holiday season…

  1. Beautiful wish, thank you and I’d like to return it: all the best !
    Looking forward to reading your new book over the holidays and guess what … it just started snowing here . A white Christmas πŸ˜€

    • Oh dear Ria, how wonderful to have you drop by. Thank you for kind wishes — I am SO glad it started snowing there, I know how very much you all enjoy it. My best to you and Chris and the puppies, and happy reading!

  2. Thank you, Jet, for this and all the wonderful posts this year – always a delight to read! That Elegant Trogon is exactly that, all dressed up for the season!
    All the best to you and Athena for the holidays and coming year!

    • Oh yes, the elegant trogon is so aptly named, isn’t it, pc? Many thanks my friend for your continued visits and warm words here. And it is always a pleasure to travel up north and see what you’re up to. I enjoyed the Emerald Lake adventure and the summer zodiac ride with Wayne too. I went to Tofino Photography and for some reason I hadn’t been following it (I used to), so I was really glad to get back to his post. I espec. love what he captures with eagles. Many thanks for all the joy you spread, my friend~~

    • Dear SWI, always a delight to share with you. I like that your birds way up on Whidbey Island are the same as our birds. And I really enjoy your beautiful art. My best wishes for a very merry holiday~~

  3. You too, Jet! I am so thankful to WordPress for connecting me to wonderful blogs — and people — like you, Jet. Y’all hunker down and snuggle in for the holidays. PJ’s and [vegan] eggnog galore! πŸ˜€

    • I tend to stay low-key during the holidays, it is how I see the most beauty; and I am doing this, and enjoying it so much. Short visits, sweet times, warm hearts, and as much of nature as the weather will allow. My best to you during your holiday adventures, Andrea.

    • My best wishes to you and Dave, Sue, for a very merry Christmas. It occurs to me that I didn’t catch what you are doing for the holidays, but I would guess it involves that adorable new grandchild, lots of loving, and lots of laughs. When you visit again I’ll take you on some wildlife adventures. We just had the most incredible visit to the Sacramento Valley, viewing the winter bird migration. Meanwhile, you two stay warm up there in Canada! β™₯

    • What an honor it is to end your year, ACI, with my story. After the swirl of the holidays is over, perhaps we could have an email exchange, I’d like to get your feedback on your reading, the characters, the plot, if you are up for it. I look forward to your photographs and musings in the new year — your eye for light and life is a pleasure.

    • I am enjoying a peaceful holiday, HJ, and I thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes throughout the years. And I send my best wishes to you and your wife and son and other loved ones…. Thanks, too, for keeping so many birds happy and alive.

  4. What a creative holiday greeting message, Jet! May we all have a healthy and joyous holiday season and year ahead! And may all of your fellow bloggers continue to have the pleasure of viewing your wonderful posts, and receiving your very thoughtful personal comments!

    • Dearest BJ, thank you for this lovely sentiment. I’m glad you enjoyed my nature message, and I am so glad you dropped by. I always appreciate your visits and kind words. My best wishes to you~~

      • Thank you, Jet!! A curious thing happened – a few days ago I received responses to my comment on this post of yours, and to the one about the rock hyrax. But the responses were not from you – they were from another blogger. I wondered if you had two blogs?

      • Hi BJ — no, I do not have two blogs, just this one. But bloggers do have the ability to make comments on comments without being the host, perhaps that is what that is about. My best to you, BJ~~

      • Thanks for getting back to me on this, Jet. I never saw this sort of thing before. I really love your blog, and wanted to be sure there wasn’t some mixup about seeing your actual posts :-D.
        Wishing you a great new year with many exciting adventures to share!!!

      • Hi BJ, I had a similar experience today on my blog, and I am wondering if WP has changed something in this recent overhaul they have done. I received a comment about a mutual friend’s post. It wasn’t a comment for me, yet it showed up in my comments. It is similar to what they do on Facebook with friends of friends. I have no answers at this point, but I hope it doesn’t become a new thing here on WP. I like to choose who I share comments with, like you, my dear friend. Best wishes for a new year filled with beautiful birds, BJ. β™₯

      • I was thinking the same thing, Jet. I also share concerns of others about some of the new WP changes.
        When I received the two notifications that this particular blogger “liked” my comments on your two posts, it also appeared that I was following her blog, though I don’t recall ever even being aware of (or following) her blog before.

  5. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Jet! πŸ™‚ I hope I am as elegant as that Trogon. I will put it in my New year’s resolution πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful year, may all your plans work out for you. xx

    • I like you striving to be as elegant as the trogon, Inese, gave me a sweet smile. Trogons in general are large and colorful and relatively quiet birds — and I find them very attractive to be around. I hope your new year is a beauty, my friend~~

      • I am always happy to start a new year, a fresh start, isn’t everybody? So I bid you a great new year too, Inese, and am thrilled to hear you’re starting it with GGG. Enjoy, my friend~~

    • Hi Gunta! Cheers my friend! And all the best for a new year filled with health and happiness. Thank you for all your visits, comments, reading, and wonderful nature posts throughout the year. πŸ™‚

  6. Tis the Season,dear Jet!Lovely Season’s greetings through your nature images,and such a brilliant gift!
    I hold it in my hands,actually,I didn’t expect to get it so quickly.Hope you & Athena had a happy & peaceful Christmas.All the best to you both ~ Many Kudos to you,hope it has the success it deserves.
    Enjoy your holidays,my friend β˜…β˜….✿ Off to your book page where action is … πŸ™‚

    • Dear Doda, Thank you for your wonderful messages, I am so glad my book made it all the way across the pond and into your hands. Thank you for the years of encouragement as I wrote it. Thank you for the beautiful posts you shared over this past year, of earth and mysterious space too, the azure waters of Greece, and your ever-warming kindness and poetry. My loving wishes for a brilliant new year for you and your loved ones.

  7. Thank you so much, Jet for the beautiful post and warm wishes. Thank you for finding time while working on your books to visit my site and give me wonderful support and encouraging comments. Thank you for bringing the beauty of nature to us via your posts.
    Happy 2017 to you and yours!

    • Dearest Amy, it has been such a pleasure to both visit your site viewing all the lovely places you have visited and photographed; and to share the beauty of nature on my site. I look forward to our exchanges in the new year ahead, and wish you and your family a delightful new year. πŸ™‚

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