The Best Store in San Francisco

Rainbow Grocery, squashWith many of us strolling the grocery stores during Thanksgiving week, I am happy to introduce what I consider the best store in San Francisco.


Rainbow Grocery, a cooperative-owned grocery store.


With 17,500 square feet of retail space, they have 14 different departments. It’s classified as a vegetarian health food store, but it also has books, gifts, bath and body products, and much more.


Rainbow, apples

Rainbow, apples

There are bulk bins with cereals and grains, unusual flours, beans, pastas, olives, nut butters, and more.


The produce department has a dozen kinds of mushrooms; it is brimming with seasonal fruits and vegetables in every season. Look at all the apples, and they’re organic.


Rainbow, front check-out counters

Rainbow, front check-out counters

Nutritional supplements abound, as well as medicinal tinctures, herbs, and oils; and the most knowledgeable supplement sales people you could ever ask for.


Rainbow grocery logo.pngAnd don’t get me started on their bulk herbs and spices…so fantastic.


Moreover, it is not just great, fresh food to take home with you. It’s a culture.


A worker-owned cooperative since 1975, the store is owned by its 243 workers. Without corporate influence, the business is run democratically, including investment in the local community and environment.


Rainbow, Herbs & Spices

Rainbow, Herbs & Spices

Click here for Rainbow’s website.


Customers and workers here are colorful people of all ages, social classes, and ethnicities.


I’ve been walking through Rainbow’s doors for decades. And can say with conviction, that if you want to see the true heart of San Francisco, check out Rainbow.


Golden Gate GraveyardMy new mystery novel has a scene that takes place in Rainbow.

You can buy the book here.


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. To all my readers, may your days be filled with fresh food, health, and lots of love.


Rainbow, pinatas

Rainbow, pinatas

Photo credit: Athena Alexander






50 thoughts on “The Best Store in San Francisco

  1. That would be my place to shop if I lived in beautiful San Francisco….I will now look forward to reading the part in your book about it. Thank you, Jet….have a lovely day and a beautiful Thanksgiving. We who have homes, food, clean water, and so much more have a great deal to be thankful for. Janet:)

    • Yes, I thought it would be fun for readers to get occasional brief backdrops of some of the scenes in the book, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, too, Janet, for the Thanksgiving wishes. As you can imagine, there has been a lot of unhappiness in the U.S. following the presidential election; but what you say is the bottom line, we who have all of that, have a great deal to be thankful for. As always, my thanks for your meaningful words and warm visit.

      • Good morning, Jet. I have started the book, and am immediacy hooked…also very pleased to see hummingbird mentions early on:) All my friends and family are very depressed in the States re election results, as I might add are we here in the UK and other parts of Europe….however, we must focus on the positive and indeed be grateful for the good things we have. I plan to have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday and hope you enjoy the same…Janet:)

      • I am honored and delighted that you’re reading GGG, Janet. And I chuckled at the thought of you enjoying the hummingbird. Re the election. Yes, many of us are in various stages of shock. But we can only move forward, and we are. I, too, have a wonderful Sunday ahead. It’s been raining for many days and today the sun is out and the trees are sparkling. I love knowing that you’re reading my book, Janet — my humble thanks.

  2. Wow! Houston needs to catch up with SF. That is one colorful produce section, and SEVERAL kinds of mushrooms? All we have here is the cheese and meat sections. :/

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jet. Enjoy your day of gratitude! We are beachin’ it. Cheers.

    • Yes, I can easily see you and Mrs. pc hanging out at Rainbow, in fact it raises a smile for me. Thanks for your well wishes, pc. We’re having Pad Thai for the feast with friends who don’t eat meat. Then turkey the next day. Two great feasts await, and thankful smiles. My thanks, to you, for your valued support and friendship.

  3. We have a rather wonderful shop called Coos Head (something or other). It used to be in a funky little place near the bridge that crosses Coos Bay. They recently moved to a better location and are expanding a bit. It’s good to see them growing.

    YAY!!! Your book arrived yesterday. Now to find time to do some reading… šŸ˜€

    • Rainbow started out funky and expanded in the most delightful way, even while other little independent stores were being swallowed by Whole Foods. It’s great that Coos Head keeps going too. I sure love hearing that GGG arrived at your door, Gunta — enjoy!

    • It’s a great culture, here, I’m sure you would enjoy it, Helen. Besides the usual holidays, they’re closed on Cesar Chavez Day and Gay Pride Day, not something you often see in a grocery store. ha. Delighted with your visit~~

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