Gandhi Greetings

Gandhi Statue, San Francisco

Gandhi Statue, San Francisco

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  ~~Mahatma Gandhi


This humble brass sculpture by Zlatko Paunov stands behind the Ferry Building facing the San Francisco Bay.


Photo credit: Athena Alexander

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45 thoughts on “Gandhi Greetings

  1. He is such an interesting person. He actually didn’t like people all that much individually, and yet he remains one of the world’s most influential humanitarions. because he thoutht globally. Mother Theresa was similiar.

    • I really enjoyed your comment about Gandhi, Cindy, thank you. I cannot imagine the immensity of being Gandhi, but I sure do appreciate his place in our world. Many thanks my friend~~

    • It is a beautiful sculpture, accurately portrays Gandhi, and surrounded by gulls and sea air. I really like this quote, too, I have it at my desk and read it many times in a day. My best to you, Janet~~

  2. I often wonder how it can be that so many of us look to people like Gandhi and Mandela as representing the finest qualities of human beings, and yet there is so much ill will in the world. We all need a little but of Gandhi’s wisdom in our lives.

    • Yes, it is the big hearts of people like Gandhi and Mandela that give us a reason to shine in the face of ill will, isn’t it David? My thanks to you for your thoughtful comment, and cheers for a grand day~~

  3. Lovely, humble statue of a lovely, humble man. Thanks for the reminder that there will always be peaceful and compassionate people — and this is the time for them to rise to the surface.

    • Thanks so much, Anil. He has an honored spot in San Francisco, looking out over the bay. On Saturdays there is a lively farmer’s market he stands over, and all the other days of the week he is surrounded by benches where people sit beside him and quietly gaze over the water. He is a much revered leader in San Francisco. Thanks for your comment, my friend. 🙂

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