Drinking Up Zambia

Victoria Falls, Africa

Victoria Falls, Africa

For a land-locked country, Zambia has a lot of water.


Not only do the famous Victoria Falls border this African country, but there are many rivers and lakes here as well.


Hippo Pool at night, Zambia

Hippo Pool at night, Zambia

With three major rivers, five lakes, 17 waterfalls and numerous wetlands, Zambia has so much water power that it sources the Kariba Dam.   (See map below).


Waterways of Zambia were also the attraction for David Livingstone in the mid-1800s, in his driving efforts to share the teachings of Christianity and abolish the African slave trade.


Fishing with Hippos, Luangwa River, Zambia

Fishing with Hippos, Luangwa River, Zambia

He determined that by mapping the Central African watershed, he would open the interior of Africa to “Christianity, Commerce, and Civilization.”


Livingstone was the first westerner to see the great falls of Mosi-oa-Tunya (“the smoke that thunders).  Eventually he would identify not only Victoria Falls but also many lakes and rivers, especially the Zambezi River, providing pioneering details and enabling large regions to be mapped.


Zebra in Zambia

Zebra in Zambia

For more information about Zambia click here.


Zambia has its problems from corruption to poverty, shrinking forests, poaching, and severe loss of habitat.  This has made it difficult for wildlife to exist outside the parks.


Zambia river tributary

Zambia river tributary

But within the roughly 20 national parks of Zambia water is flowing and wildlife flock to it.  More about Zambia wildlife here.


Waiting for the ferry at the Zambezi River, Zambia

Waiting for the Kazungula Ferry at the Zambezi River, Zambia

I saw more hippos here than I ever thought possible.  And water, a sought-after resource all across Africa, was refreshingly abundant.


It was on the banks of the Luangwa River where we had our midnight encounter with a mother elephant and her baby.  Read more here.


Water is a necessary resource for all of us, and fortunately Zambia is covered with it.


Zambia in dark green. Courtesy Wikipedia.

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander



Jet at the Zambezi River

Jet at the Zambezi River







Courtesy zambiatourism.com

43 thoughts on “Drinking Up Zambia

  1. Thank you, Jet for the story of David Livingstone. The waterfalls are stunning. It’s wonderful to know Zambia is covered with water. A beautiful photo of you by the river. 🙂

  2. Good morning, Jet. That Victoria Falls is really something. So pretty! How long were you there? I envy you. Agree with Amy… it’s a beautiful photo of you.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Helen, I’m happy you enjoyed the Zambia post today. I was in Zambia twice, and for a total of about 1.5 wks. I thank you for your kind words. That day when I was photographed in the chair with the Zambezi River we had been up since 3am on a rather precarious safari journey, and I was just so glad to be sitting safely in a chair looking out over the river. Kind of you to stop by, thank you so much.

  3. Fabulous photographs in this post, including the one of you:) What an amazing place, literally teaming with wildlife….and oh that Mother and baby elephant are just so beautiful. Also the picture of the Victoria Falls is sublime. Thank you so much….Have begun Wicket Walkabout, and am loving it….Janet:)

    • Thanks so much, pc, for taking the time to visit the second post too. It was a special exper. because we had been woken up from sleep and it was almost like a dream, no one else around, not sure if our hut would be demolished, but all of it worth it for that witnessed intimacy between mother elephant and her calf. I wonder if you are in North Amer. or Europe now, will drop by for a visit. My thanks to you, and best wishes, as always~~

  4. Jet I am smiling ear to ear. The beginning of our Africa trip will be at Victoria Falls. Seeing the first photo sent my heart soaring. It has long been a dream of mine to go to Africa. Thank you for this glimpse into what lies ahead.

    • Oh what a wonderful way to start your African adventure, Sue. You can walk down along the side of the falls, quite far, depending upon which country you view them from. (Some people go in them, which looks dangerous.) Hearing the thunder from afar is also a memorable experience. So glad to bring a smile to you face. You will love Africa. It’s different there, like nowhere else. The first time there viewing the poverty is difficult, and although it is never okay, you do what you can. I’ve been there 3 times and made pretty big sacrifices to do this; and I just keep wanting to go back again and again. You will love it.

    • Very glad you found the Zambia post interesting, rabirius. It’s not an easy place in which to travel because the infrastructure is quite thin, but it is beautiful and unique. I am certain your friend is having the time of their life. Many thanks for your visit and words, and best wishes on your upcoming exhibition.

  5. Very interesting to read about Zambia from a “water” perspective. And any posting that includes a photo of you, Jet, is especially enjoyable. ;~)

    • Very nice of you to say so, Nan. That photo by the Zambezi River was after one of the craziest adventures ever. Our guide’s wife was about to have their first baby, and we needed a ride to Livingstone, so he took us along on the way to catch a plane. And it was 5 hrs., starting at 3am, and the park prohibited night driving (due to poaching) and he thought we could sneak through the gate but alarms and lights went off, and the guards pulled their guns on us! I was so happy to get to Livinstone alive and kicked back by the river. lol.

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