Happy Birthday Yellowstone

Old Faithful

Old Faithful, Yellowstone

This week we celebrate the 144th anniversary of America’s first national park:  Yellowstone.  This park, 95% of which is in Wyoming, is over 2 million acres in area.


Although it officially became a national park on March 1, 1872, this vast wilderness has been a draw to humans for thousands and thousands of years.


Chromatic Pool, Yellowstone

Chromatic Pool, Yellowstone

There is evidence of Native Americans living here 10,000 years ago.


In the past few centuries it has been celebrated by explorers and trappers on many expeditions, who eventually did surveys and reports advocating the land be set aside for public enjoyment.


Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone Falls

Ferdinand V. Hayden, a geological surveyor, was one of the more tenacious advocates.  He was instrumental in convincing Congress to establish Yellowstone as the first U.S. National Park.


For more info about Yellowstone, click here.


Geyser Basin steam vents, Yellowstone

Geyser Basin steam vents, Yellowstone

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem covers 20 million acres (8,093,712 ha) of land.  This encompasses adjacent national forests, wilderness areas, and Grand Teton National Park.


Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons

Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons

Visitors have been flocking to Yellowstone for centuries.  The National Park Service states that currently “Yellowstone hosts close to 4 million visits each year.”  That’s a lot of humans!


Elk, Yellowstone

Elk, Yellowstone

So it is a really good thing Yellowstone became a park, with restrictions and plans for preserving the park and its wild inhabitants.


We humans can all visit, and temporarily share in its beauty, but  must ultimately surrender this enormous expanse to the many wild animals and plants that live here.


Moose, Grand Tetons

Moose, Grand Tetons

Happy Birthday Yellowstone!


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander



52 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yellowstone

  1. Never been there but the photos I’ve seen tell the story of a beautiful landscape. What first comes to mind though are the series I’ve seen on TV about Yellowstone being a giant volcanic caldera which is overdue to pop. Apparently, geologists have been measuring the surface elevation for a long time now and proven the park is rising. New technology shows how massive the lava chamber is beneath the park. Let’s hope for a delay.

    • Yellowstone is centered over the largest “supervolcano” on the continent. There is so much geothermal activity going on with geysers, hot springs, mud pots and steam vents — it was my very favorite aspect of the area. I think you would like it a lot, John. Many thanks for your visit, always appreciated.

    • I have only been there once, in Sept., but I have seen photos of all the seasons in Yellowstone, and yes, it looks like a truly incredible place throughout the year. Thanks for your comment, Eddie. I am glad you have experienced the joys of Yellowstone.

  2. we are so Blessed to have such a National Treasure 🙂 Thank You for sharing this Smiling Friday Inspiration 🙂 Blessings for a Joy-Full week end ~

    • I found the wildlife to be not as prevalent as the park resources say, I think because there are so many people in the park that the creatures stay far away. But the geothermals and vistas make up for it. You would like it Sherry. Many thanks~~

  3. Happy Birthday indeed to Yellowstone. What a wonderful place it is. I haven’tbeen there for many a year, and would hope that I might get to visit again in my lifetime….simply amazing and thank goodness it has been preserved for so many people to see. I have to admit I am amazed at the number of visitors a year….truly extraordinary in all ways. Thank you, Jet…enjoy a beautiful weekend. Janet. 🙂

    • It is great how much of the world you have seen, Janet. I am happy you have had the joy of seeing this amazing place. Thank you, as always, for your continued visits and comments. My best to you for a wonderful weekend~~ 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Yellowstone! Thank you for the information and beautiful photos, Jet!
    We are planning to re-visit this grand park this summer.

    • How very fun to have this park in your near future. Re-visits are wonderful for expanding your experiences. Thank you for your kind comment, Amy — and have a fun weekend!

    • One day we enjoyed a morning hike around the perimeter of Jackson Lake and it was so lovely. I’m happy to share it with you, Bertie, and appreciate your visit.

  5. A wonderful post! Happy Birthday Yellowstone! Great photographs to go with your lively text, Jet. Made us realize that we’ve barely dipped our toes into Yellowstone, and will have to remedy that sometime in the near future. Thank you!

      • We had an amazing visit, starting off in Jackson Hole. We were so amazed that it was still snowing in May, but the huge Chevy Suburban we rented was fabulous on the icy roads. 🙂

      • A funny thing is, Sylvia, we were there in early Sept., and they had their first snow! We thought it would be plenty early to avoid snow. So I think you and I now know there’s probably only June, July and Aug. without snow. It was beautiful, and we were on our last two days. 🙂

  6. I often miss Yellowstone – my favourite one – with Bryce!!! 🙂 your pix are amazing, as usually… ❤
    * * *
    last December, I visited the famous Death Valley and I did enjoy it, too… 🙂

    • Thank you Melanie. Yellowstone and Death Valley are such lovely places. I have never been to Bryce, but hope to sometime. Thanks so much for your comments today.

    • That’s a great way to put it, Rommel — because the magnificence of Yellowstone was celebrated by many people who whole-heartedly wanted to share it with people of the future as well. Thank you~~

  7. What lovely photos showing the diversity of Yellowstone and the surrounding area. It’s a fascinating place…except for all the humans.

  8. This is a really gorgeous landscape! When I see this beauty of colourful vulkano lake it touches my heart. When I was in New Zealand last winter I’ve visited Wai O Tapu with the Campagne Pool. I was there the whole day because of its amazing landscape. I have to visit Yellowstone. It’ a great desire! Best wishes, great blog! Simone

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