Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall with Super Bowl sign highlighting Super Bowl rings

San Francisco City Hall with Super Bowl sign highlighting Super Bowl rings

Super Bowl 50, the National Football League’s championship game and one of America’s most wildly popular activities, is now only three days away.  The San Francisco Bay Area is hosting this momentous event, and sizzling with activity.


The two opposing teams, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, will meet up this Sunday, February 7–known as Super Bowl Sunday.  It is the 50th Super Bowl.  More info here.


Super Bowl City and Ferry Bldg, SF

Super Bowl City and Ferry Bldg, SF

Although the game will be played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, 50 miles south of San Francisco, there are numerous pre-game activities this week in both San Francisco and Santa Clara.  Both cities have been planning this event since the bid was won in May of 2013.


San Francisco has built a temporary village on Market Street called  Super Bowl City.  Residents have been receiving news articles and announcements for over two years; and now it is built, and loaded with spectators from around the country.


Super Bowl City overview, SF

Super Bowl City. Tallest bldg has light displays at night.

Free and open to the public, Super Bowl City is a week-long series of events.  Concerts, fireworks, marching bands, and booths are hosted at this heavily-secured venue.  An estimated one million people are expected to attend the festivities.


The City Stage, Super Bowl City, SF

The City Stage, Super Bowl City, SF

All Super Bowl Host Committees are required by the NFL to donate at least $1 million to charity.  San Francisco’s Super Bowl 50 Committee has announced it will dedicate 25 percent of the over $40 million raised, to Bay Area philanthropic causes.


Due to high viewership, advertising and media coverage for the Super Bowl is extensive.  Television ads, which have become a cultural phenomenon, are at an all-time high this year, with a 30-second advertisement base rate of $5 million.  More about Super Bowl ads here.


San Francisco

San Francisco

Last year’s Super Bowl had a record viewership of 114.4 million viewers.  The game will also be televised in Canada, Australia, Philippines, UK, and many European countries.


I am an avid football fan.  I record and watch every televised game all season long; enjoying the skill, athleticism, rules, strategies, players, and coaches.  I root for all the teams.


Levi's Stadium, 49ers game opening

Levi’s Stadium, 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs, game opening

On Sunday you won’t find me in the stands of Levi’s Stadium.  I’ll be in front of the big screen TV, with friends and snack food, joining the celebration of one of America’s favorite traditions.



May the best team win….


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander

Levi's Stadium, Oct. 2014

Levi’s Stadium, Oct. 2014


Levi's Stadium

Levi’s Stadium

Levi's Stadium food court

Levi’s Stadium food court


Happy fan




37 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco

  1. This sounds like so much fun. I have been to several super bowl parties in the States in private homes, but the thought of enjoying the buzz in and around San Francisco would be wonderful, indeed. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and make sure to eat lots of snacks for me:)
    On Radio BBC this morning, Helen Mirren was on…apparently she will be doing an ad for the Super Bowl. Like you, I route for all the teams……Janet.

  2. I knew the Super Bowl was big but I hadn’t appreciated it with quite THIS big with an entire week of celebrations leading up to the event – WOW – have a fabulous time on Sunday! 😉

    • Yes, there’s lots of traffic advisories for SF from now through the weekend. Even on a non-Super Bowl day, that 50 mile drive south from SF to Santa Clara takes no less than two hours, usually three, due to Silicon Vly traffic. Have a fun non-Santa Clara weekend Jan. 😀

  3. Cool post, FYI, my granddaughter is in a Doritos commercial that may run. She is Korean, and the girl turning a rope. It takes place in a school yard. There was voting for a group of commercials and I know if hers was chosen. Have fun watching the game, thanks Jet.

  4. What a cool post Jet! I still feel like an expat when it comes to football in the US. I recall I bought a Cowboys portable hot dish 9deeply discounted!) and took it along to my first party … when the Eagles (here in Philadelphia) were playing Dallas…. It took me a while to live that one down 😃

    • I’m really hoping the Broncos win, because Peyton Manning is such a class act, and nearing the end of his career. But Cam Newton and the Panthers are quite a force. Fun. I hope you have a really fun time watching the game, Ingrid. 😀

  5. I’ve been a big fan of American Football ever since it was covered on the UK’s Channel 4 many years ago. Like you, I love the strategy and razzamattaz of it all. I’m not sure if it’s being covered by Swisscom, or if I can stay awake long enough to watch most of it, but I hope you have a wonderful Superbowl party!

    • It’s just so fun, so spirited. And much more skilled and demanding than many people think. I’m glad to hear you’re a fan, Mike. I hope you get to see it. Thanks so much for your great comment~~ 😀

  6. You are a woman of many interests and talents, Jet. Always a pleasure to read and a joy to know. Wish we could have been watching the game with you. I know your snacks would have been healthier than ours!

  7. Little do I know about football,but I have heard of this big event,dear Jet.I think I had read a post of yours last year as well.You have impresively presented it with lovely photos and compelling details!The city stage must be huge and so convenient for the passers-by.Hope the best team won.Happy Thursday,dear friend 🙂 *^* (✿◠‿◠) *^*

    • I am glad you enjoyed the Super Bowl post, Doda. It was a great game, and a brilliant show all weekend. In the end, the Denver Broncos won, which I was happy about. Their lead player Peyton Manning, in the position of Quarterback, is a very classy and skilled athlete. He is nearing the end of a long and successful career, and it was a perfect and happy ending. Thanks so much for your kind comments and interest. 😀 😀

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