Singin’ in the Rain

Wintry rainy day at the Golden Gate

Wintry rainy day at the Golden Gate

Following a four year drought here in northern California, we are having rain again.  As predicted, the El Nino weather pattern has arrived.


There are landslides, and trees down, flooding too.  So far I have been lucky.


We are constantly warned, this isn’t enough after four years…and I do not doubt it.  For so long we have been using our boiled egg water for a second and third purpose, taking military showers, sharing flushes.  Gardens and lawns have been choked to death.  Leaders don’t want us to squander this valuable resource, get lazy or crazy.


Forest mushroom

Forest mushroom

What a wonderful thing it is to see fresh blades of grass again.  It’s so strange that I do a double take.  Mushrooms popping up, like an old friend who’s been away.


Singing in the rain poster.jpg

Courtesy Wikipedia

One of my favorite old movies is “Singin’ in the Rain” which I have been humming a lot lately.  My favorite scene of the movie (hint, it’s not what you think):   Click here.


The rain really is a glorious feeling, makes me laugh.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


52 thoughts on “Singin’ in the Rain

  1. So fantastic for you to receive the rain. Part of my heart is in California and attached to its land for reasons I don’t know why – have only been there once. And I must confess that I harbor such deep fears for California – that this El Nino weather will turn severe and devastating. And the La Nina that follows will again plunge the state into severe drought. Though I hope for the best. Blessings. Cnawan.

  2. Great to see the rain but not the flooding I’ve seen on TV. Our pool came up an inch or so from the rains here. What we really need is a major snowfall in the Rockies to get the reservoirs back up.

  3. So terrible to see the flooding and yet so wonderful to see the rain. I smiled at your reference to the appearance of a mushroom like being an old friend returning. Hoping the drought eases but that all remain safe as the water pours down.

    • Hi Sue! I just visited your site and watched Dave’s video, and noticed there isn’t much snow in the Rockies there, so we’re all hoping for a bit more precipitation in a steady way. I really liked your post BTW. Thanks for your great comment, my friend, and have a wonderful weekend.

      • Jet we did this outing just before we left for Mexico and there have been some big snows since. It would have been great to have more snow for the photos and video to be sure. Wishing you and Athena a wonderful weekend too!

    • Oh I am so glad to know you made it safely to MN and better yet: mild winter. MN is known for super harsh winters, I’m glad it’s not so this year. Thanks so much, Indah — and welcome! 😀

  4. Enjoyed reading about your relief at the rain, and the return of absent friends. Hopefully, the west coast gets rainfall in moderate yet adequate amounts, making up the shortages without further problems.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Adam, so glad you enjoyed the rain post today. My hopes are what you say too, and so far, so good, at least where I am. One day I could not proceed on the road, because a tree had come down and was completely blocking it. But really, that is so minor; and before day’s end someone had rectified it. I am looking forward to this weekend — four NFL playoff games! I hope you and Mrs. PC have a terrific weekend too. Thank you so much….

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the rain post today, and really glad you took the time to click on the film clip. I think it’s one of the best dance scenes in all of Hollywood history. Incredible skill and talent! Such an inspiration…. Thanks so very much, dear Nan. 🙂

    • LA has had rain, and the San Diego area too, so we’re doing good. But you’re right, Sharon, we’re all hoping for intervals. Glad to know you have CA connections. Sneak preview: Monday’s post is in LA. Many thanks for your comment, and have a lovely rest of the weekend. 🙂

  5. I’m glad the rain is a blessing for you Jet. We’ve had lots of it this winter with some terrible flooding in some parts of the country, but you obviously need it over there, I hope it helps the land recover from the drought.

    • Yes, flooding was terrible this month in Missouri and Illinois this month, and other parts too. Winter is that way. But it was pretty rough last winter when there was so little rain that the winter berries shriveled and dropped. So this is good. Thanks so much, Andrea, for your warm comment. 🙂

    • Where I am it’s been raining in healthy intervals, and “greening up” in remarkable ways. Thanks so much Mike. I like knowing that this is one of your fave movies too. 😀

  6. Glory be to the rain! And that clip …. he walked up the wall! wow! what a lovely happy start to my day … land moving and now walking up a wall whoa! Cheers and thank you Jet. More rain to you! xxxxxx ps. must watch that movie again!

    • Isn’t that Donald O’Connor dance amazing?! Very clever with the wall dancing, and I laughed so hard when he’s with the dummy. Yes, it might be time for you to watch that movie again. It’s very cheerful. Thanks so much for your visits, Gill — great to “see” you~~

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