48 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer

      • Thank you Jet and right back at you. Christmas this year is going to be VERY different for us as Hubby is in Australia working and won’t be home. Then five days later we move… ugh. But hey, here I sit at a computer in my warm house, able to complain so obviously I’m doin’ okay, lol! 😉

  1. How I missed him,I don’t know,but many thanks for the warning and your witty post!It’s really fun,dear Jet!I wish you & Athena a Joyous Christmas filled with Love & Peace 🙂 *˚★*˚

  2. Hi dear friend Jet!Just a wee visit to thank you for liking my recent Christmas post and for your praiseful and rich comment.I don’t have the time to answer the comments now,I will pay some visits to other blogs just to add some likes and then I’ll be off.Enjoy your holidays ~ Have a Brillant Christmas filled with Peace 🙂

      • Hi my good friend Jet!First of all my Best Wishes to you,Athena & your family for 2016!Hope it’s filled with Happiness,Peace & Good Health!
        I am so behind,I have missed all your recent posts and I don’t really know how to start and from where.I have to answer all the comments on my recent posts and then start playing catching up… I feel very embarrassed,I will do my best to read all your recent work,which I have so much missed.See you my dear friend 🙂 •*´¨`*• 🙂

      • Hi Doda, so nice to hear from you. Many bloggers were out of town over the holidays, as it is in the last two wks of every year, no worries. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday. Thank you for new year wishes, and I send you and your family my very best wishes for a fantastic new year for sweetness, success, peace and good health. Thank you so much for stopping by, always a treat. 😀 *♥* 😀

      • Thanks for noticing my comment and for your heartfelt wishes dear friend Jet!You’ll find my comment on your Getty Villa remarkable post,which I so much enjoyed!It’s a real gem in Los Angeles area,I was stunned by all the details and of course I was deeply touched you mentioned my Epidaurus Theatre post and you made a link!You are a precious and valued friend 🙂 D *♥* 😀

      • I thought to suggest, when you wondered where to start, to direct you to the Getty Villa post. But then I decided, instead, to let you find it on your own and have the joy of a sweet surprise. Ah, so very fun. My best wishes and smiles 😀 😀 😀 to you dear Doda.

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