The Night Before Christmas

Bobcat, California

Bobcat, California

‘Twas the night before Christmas

when all through the woods

every creature was stirring

to dig up their goods.

The children were nestled

all snug in their beds

while foxes and bobcats

danced on their sleds.

Then out on the lawn

there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed

to see what was the matter.

When what to my wandering eyes should appear

but a huge mountain lion,

I’d been waiting all year.

Just as I focused on this awesome cat

the sleigh and its reindeer

landed, oh drat.

Image result for free image santa winking


With a little ol’ driver

so lively and quick

I knew in a moment

it must be St. Nick.

The cat I had dreamed of

to the woods it had trot

but maybe my critter cam

got a good shot.


Photo credit:ย  Athena Alexander

Poem credit:ย  Jet Eliot


58 thoughts on “The Night Before Christmas

  1. Once a year some bobcats walk along the creek behind my house and cross very few roads that way. I’ve seen them only twice in 10 years, the first time I saw 4 young, I called the Animal Protection Dept. of my County, the guy in charge told me that it’s normal for them to do that. We I told him that I saw four in a pack, he got excited because in 30 years he’s seen only two, he told me I was extremely lucky! Oy! Thanks Jet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A wonderful poet and a talented photographer in such a fabulous collaboration!Your poem is superb and your potentiality unpredictable,dear Jet!Sending my warmest wishes for this very special season of year ~ I’ll come back for my Christmas wishes too ,”The Night Before … ” ๐Ÿ™‚ *โ˜…ยจ`โ€ข

    • I had loads of fun working out the Christmas poem, as you can imagine, Doda. And Athena had to be very clever in hiding behind a barn to capture the bobcat photo. I have never seen a mountain lion in 14 yrs of living where they live, but now I can blame it on Santa. lol. It is such a joy to be the lucky recipient of all your fine comments, warm sentiments, and delightful symbols, dear Doda. โ™ฅ โ˜ป โ˜บ โ™ฆ โ™ฃ โ™  โ€ข โ—˜ โ—‹

  3. There were quite a few cougar sightings around the neighborhood I previously live in. I’m still hoping to catch sight of one someday. A bobcat might do it, too. How lucky (and talented) Athena was to catch that shot! Wishing you both warm and happy holidays.

    • I, too, still hope to catch sight of a cougar one day, Gunta; but I never tire of the bobcats. At certain times of the year they show up on our critter came every week, and I see them occasionally. Thanks for your kind words and warm wishes, my friend — my best wishes to you too. A great year for you, having healed, back to walking again. Lots to celebrate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The two of you made a wonderful start with your wonderful words and fantastic photo. I grew up with the more traditional version of the poem, so it was fun to see how you played with it. Merry Christmas to you both.

  5. Ha! Ha! Great poem! I love it. We have lynx and cougars here, but in all our years of hiking in the mountains we have only seen a lynx once. We spotted one from our vehicle and then a short time later my partner came across it again on the trail, literally face to face, a bit too close for comfort but thrilling to see nonetheless. :))

  6. This poem made me smile, lovely! It’s been great to learn so many new things and visit so many new places this year through your words and Athena’s pictures. Thank you both – and have a wonderful Holiday Season full with warmth and laughter!!

    • Thanks so very much, dear Tiny. Oh how I have enjoyed sharing travel and wildlife adventures with you, Tiny, and I just love traveling to your local marsh and other beautiful places too. My best to you for happy holidays~~ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I did indeed have a wonderful Christmas, and am wishing the best in the new year to you, Resa. Thanks so much for all your visits and comments; and for the great urban art on your blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

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