City Barn Swallow

Bird Song Mural #3 by Joshua Coffy, SF, Market and Van Ness Sts.

Bird Song Mural #3 by Joshua Coffy, SF, Market and Van Ness

I found this wonderful mural in San Francisco, I like it because the bird is singing.  I am always on the look-out for birds, even if they’re not real.


Holiday shopping, lots of chaos, so many people.  It’s a lot to take in when you’re a forest-dwelling, wilderness-seeking bird watcher.


So what could be more refreshing than an elegant bird painted on a wall whistling a sweet tune?


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander

Mural credit:  Joshua Coffy (

Urban art blog I like:


67 thoughts on “City Barn Swallow

    • I am in awe of muralists, too, Sharon. SF has a lot of really great murals, I have so many photos and future posts. Today it is foggy and rainy (a good thing), and I have many errands to run in town, so I will look around for my bird friends wherever I can find them. I hope you have a fun and creative day. 😀

  1. A wonderful idea, indeed. I don’t enjoy shopping at al…at the best of times, and so at this time of the year, I try to stay away as much as is possible….however, some birdsong during the process would help enormously:)

    • I’m with you, Janet. Except for groceries, after today I am done. Then I just take back roads and slip into small grocery stores, skulking around like the quiet birds. lol. Thanks so much for your visit and comment today and every day. 😀

    • As a birder you’ll get a kick out of knowing that Athena and I got out the guide book, and we narrowed it down to a barn swallow or a bluebird. The drawing is not spot-on identical to either species, but the barn swallow is closest. lol. So glad you, too, enjoyed the happy melody, BJ. Thanks so much! 😀

    • Of all the street art I have seen, I, too, have never seen a giant bird. He has some other birds, per his blog, but I have yet to find them. A fun find, so glad you enjoyed it, Sue. 😀

    • Wow, what a fantastic mural, so extensive! I enjoyed seeing her work and listening to her speak, too. I have so much high regard for the Cornell Lab of Orn., how fantastic that they sponsored this fantastic bird art work. Thanks so much, cj, for taking the time to supply these links. I had not heard of Jane Kim or the project, great info. 😀

      • What a night we had here! Wild winds and thunder that seemed to rumble forever. I fell asleep listening to the rain tapping on the window. At times it sounded loud enough to be hail. This morning there’s bits of blue peeking through.The rain gage is saying we got an inch and a half. I LOVE stormy weather as long as it doesn’t do too much damage. The pup was maybe not quite as thrilled. 😉

  2. Large scale work,magnificent art mural,dear Jet!When art on the walls and Graffiti speak,they have so much to say either to protest or to give joy and hope!They do speak louder than words,but this one is also singing ♩♪♫♬..What a lovely and amusing note in the big chaotic city!Presumably,it was meant for forest dwellers,for nature lovers and birders… Have a peaceful and creative day,my friend 🙂 ~

    • Oh how I enjoyed your comment, dear Doda. I am grateful that you brought my attn to it, don’t know how I missed it. I chuckled at the lovely notes you melodiously gave me, and smiled at the presumption for whom it was meant to delight. In fact, I’m still chuckling. 😀 😀 Thank you so much. 😀

  3. Oops!You didn’t notice my ramblings.How sad,I had also added sweet melodies ♩♪♫♬.. lol
    Stay well,dear Jet.Just a wee visit to check out if I had to respond to your reply 🙂

  4. Wow. I am honored and floored by all the kind words shared here on this blog. I am Joshua Coffy the lead artist and designer of this mural. Jet, You are correct it is a barn swallow….albeit a chubby one. During the mural painting we called him ‘Snowball’.
    This mural was commissioned by ArtSpan the people that sponsor Open Studios in the fall in SF. They recently acquired space in this building and turned it into temporary art studios for emerging artists as well as artists that have lost their studios due to evictions.
    The mural was painted by 30 volunteers and was completed in one week. We had a great time making it. many of the volunteers had never made a mural before. As for me….this is my first. And it has been a dream of mine to have a mural in San Francisco since I moved here 14 years ago. I am so glad that you all enjoy ‘Bird Song #3’. If you like you can see my other work at my website Or drop me a line. THANK YOU! Take care. – joshy

    • How wonderful to receive your comment, info, and kind words, Joshua. I am SO glad we were able to connect, and thrilled for you to see what a difference your art and the generosity of the volunteers has made in this world. It is also a joy to see your other art (website) and the beautiful wildlife that you feature. Wishing you beauty and success in your creative future~~ 😀

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