Blaring Red Trumpets

Chihuly glass sculpture

Chihuly Trumpet sculpture (Space Needle in the upper left corner)

This robust sculpture resides in Seattle, at the base of the Space Needle.  A tower of scarlet glass trumpets, it stands over six feet tall, at Chihuly Garden and Glass.


The artist, Dale Chihuly, was born in Tacoma and has spent many years in the Pacific Northwest.  The entire exhibit is a permanent collection, displayed indoors and out.


I spent a wet and rainy day at the museum in Seattle last year, and it lit up the gloom in the most extraordinary way.  The garish colors, colossal sculptures, and outrageous creativity are a true indoor marvel.  Then you go outdoors, and more brilliance awaits.  Info here.


Outside there is a refreshingly unique garden studded with glass plants and this sculpture, an edifice of glaring red blaring trumpets.  Click here for more of Athena’s photos of the Chihuly Garden exhibit, part of a series I wrote.


What I like most about this wild, one-eyed sculptor and his art is his message:  be bold, be brave.

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


50 thoughts on “Blaring Red Trumpets

  1. Isn’t that something?! If sounds had colours, and colours had sounds…amazing. I’ve added this to my ever growing list of places to visit. Thanks for the artistic blast of colour!

    • If you and Mrs. PC make it to Seattle, you will enjoy this museum, pc. In addition to all the, yes, amazing art, the Space Needle is gigantically predominate. Meanwhile have fun snow boarding soon! 😀

    • Yes, it is so off-the-charts, isn’t it, Sharon? When writing this post I found I was often thinking about sound. Thanks so much for visiting the series, too, I am happy you enjoyed it. 😀

  2. Be Bold Be Brave, indeed. I love the work of Dale Chihuly and first saw it in real life at Kew Gardens, (not too far from where I live) in a big exhibition about ten years ago. Sounds similar to that huge pieces were exhibited indoors in the massive Victorian greenhouses and others were dispersed amongst the plants in the grounds….Absolutely spectacular. Another place I have seen them displayed incredibly well is at the Victoria and Albert Museum here in London….As always an uplifting post. Have a wonderful weekend. Janet:)

  3. I remember seeing some of these incredible Chihuly sculptures as we waited to visit the Space Needle – they were absolutely stunning. Next time I hope to get up close and a tad more personal with them! 🙂

    • Fantastic video Sherry! The NYBG is really lovely (I’ve never been there), and you really captured the uniqueness and joy of Chihuly’s art. I espec. like the floating sculptures in the pond alongside the lily pads. I, too, really like the blend of his work with nature. Thanks so very much.

  4. A real spectacle dear Jet!Enormous,but so elegant and gracefully standing!It looks as if it were a natural tree decorated with mellow red-pinkish ornaments!It’s incredible that a one-eyed sculptur created it!Thank you for sharing the beauty of this magical glass garden.Sounds like a page from a fairytale book!Thank you for directing us to your previous post where Athena’s photography is superb. My warmest wishes for a splendid weekend,dear friend 🙂

    • I am so happy you enjoyed the Chihuly posts, Doda, and Athena’s photos as well. It did indeed feel like a page from a fairytale book. And there’s a surrealness with the Space Needle looming right there too. It is a magical place, and I am honored that you were so present and attentive to receive the magic, dear Doda. Always a delight to share these places in the world with you…. 😀

      • This eloquently sums up the entire Seattle exhibit and all the Chihuly exhibits too, dear Doda. Thank you so much for your attentive comment and lovely words. I hope you are having a wonderful week…. 😀 😀

  5. O seara plăcută!

    Vorbele bune nu costă mult. Nu afectează nici limba nici buzele. Îi fac pe ceilalţi să fie mai buni. De asemenea ele produc imaginea asupra sufletelor oamenilor şi această imagine este cu adevarat frumoasă. – Blaise Pascal
    Kind words do not cost much. It does not affect the tongue or lips. They make others to be better. They also produce the image on the souls of men, and this picture is really beautiful. – Blaise Pascal

    În viaţă, este mai bine să nu amestecăm afacerile cu prietenia, pentru că atunci când la mijloc sunt interese materiale se uită valorile prieteniei.
    In life, it is better not to mix business with friendship, because when the middle are material interests looks values friendship.

  6. What a great series on the Chihuly Exhibition! I’ve only seen one of Chihuly’s works in real life, the Fiori Di Como in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. It’s a stunning display. He is an amazing artist. How I would love to see the exhibition you saw in Seattle. Thank you for sharing it with us! :))

    • You seem to be someone who sets goals and meets them, Jeannie, so let’s just say when you see the Chihuly exhibit you will be delighted. Thanks for your many visits and comments, my friend. 😀

    • He’s a joy, isn’t he Gill? I am always happy when I do a Chihuly post, because I learn from readers how much impact and how far spread Chihuly is. Thank you my friend! 😀

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