Angel Island

Angel Island from Alcatraz

Angel Island from Alcatraz

From Alcatraz Island there are breathtaking views of San Francisco.  But you don’t often see the back view from Alcatraz of beautiful Angel Island–a park filled with activity for San Francisco residents and tourists.


Angel Island is a California State Park and can be accessed by private boat or public ferry.  Here there are trails for hiking, biking, and even segway rentals; camping, kayaking and other activities too.  More info here.


San Francisco from Alcatraz boat

San Francisco from Alcatraz boat

It’s an odd feeling to stand where prisoners of the former federal penitentiary stood…and completely liberating to get on the boat and leave when you please.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


35 thoughts on “Angel Island

    • There are many stories for the tourists about how prisoners longed to be across the Bay in the SF, but I’ve never heard them speak of the opposite direction and Angel Isl. But I would imagine there were prisoners longing to be there. Thanks for your thought, Andrea, appreciate your visit. 😀

  1. That is a beautiful view from the Angel Island, Jet. We normally get to see the Island from SF. 🙂 These two photos are showing the breathtaking views.

    • Alcatraz vistas are so stunning — it’s no wonder there have been numerous organizations wanting to occupy it. Thanks so very much Amy, your visits are very appreciated. 🙂

  2. You reminded me of “The birdman of Alcatraz” he most likely wished to be on that other island…so close yet too far! Thanks Jet! 🙂

  3. Jet. I love the way you see beautiful contrasts in our world…whether they are natural or man-made. Makes them both come alive in a fresh way!

  4. Having visited there, I to wonder what the actual prisoners must have thought when they looked out at freedom… What it does for me is to remind me of how precious freedom is, and to definitely stay on the right side of the law:) Thank You, Jet.

    • And there’s nothing like a walk through the dreary confines of Alcatraz to enforce that in all of us. My reaction was just the same as yours, Janet. Thanks for your visit today and every day. 😀

  5. Beautiful the view over the Angel Island that it does merit its name from what I read thanks to the link dear Jet..But most beautiful of all the red flowers in the foreground that try to “correct” the prison years.The skyline of the throbbing city is wonderful as well!Have a splendid Friday & weekend dear friend 🙂 -~*

    • I am so glad, dear Doda, that you enjoyed the San Francisco Bay so thoroughly. It’s always a pleasure, and much appreciated. I hope you, too, have a truly wonderful weekend. 😀 😀

  6. Thanks for the introduction, Jet! I had no idea about the Angel Island when we visited San Francisco…next time. But I agree with you that leaving Alcatraz had a liberating nuance to it 🙂

    • Yes, it is far less celebrated than Alcatraz Island. I think more locals go there than tourists. I know you would like it, it is a lot of nature. Thank you Tiny! 😀

  7. I remember my visit to Alcatraz in the 80s… I still get chills thinking about that first view of the cells. Don’t know if they still do it, but back then they “locked” you in a cell for the full experience… after that I decided not to pursue a life of crime!!!!

    • It’s a creepy place! I liked hearing of your exper. at Alcatraz, Roslyn. Now it’s all self-guided via audio tour, so there is no ranger to lock you in a cell, but there are a few cells open if you want to walk in…which you and I both pass on. lol. Many thanks! 😀

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