42 thoughts on ““We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”

    • Although all butterflies have beauty, it is fun to see the ones in South America because the color combinations are quite different than in North America. So glad you enjoyed it pc, I appreciate your visit. And you, too, have a great weekend!

    • I liked the quote not only for the earth aspect, but because butterflies symbolize transformation, and we humans are often, if not always, in a state of transformation. I’m really glad you enjoyed the post today, Amy. And, as always, I appreciate your frequent visits and comments. Have fun this weekend!

  1. Smartass that I am, I decided to try & find out the species. Ha! Then I read “Peru has over 3,700 butterfly species – more than any other country and equal to about 20% of the world total” and thought better of it! RH

    • You saw what Athena saw, in her original and then aborted attempt to identify the species. Lol. I appreciate your efforts and especially your honesty, RH. And now we can enjoy it for its beauty alone, dear friend. 😀

    • Those creatures of the Amazonian tropics like their daily rains and humid conditions. But we can digitally enjoy them, as you have done, Tiny. Wonderful to receive your kind words and visit. 🙂

    • i think we know where you developed your love for butterflies, Marje. I’m sure there are some breathtaking beauties in Malaysia. Thanks so much for your visit! 😀

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