McCovey Cove

ATandT Park, San Francisco, Calif.

ATandT Park, San Francisco, Calif.

This cove is part of the San Francisco Bay, it is directly adjacent to AT&T Park, Home of the San Francisco Giants.  All the boaters in this cove are devoted Giants fans waiting for a home run to come their way.


Every trip to AT&T Park is a fun-filled baseball adventure.  But there have only been 68 “splash hits” to land in the Cove since the Park opened in 2000.  Just in case you haven’t kept track of this, there is an electronic counter near the scoreboard that gives you that statistic. To see who the 68 home run hitters are, click here.


A sunny summer afternoon in the ballpark – an American classic.  Fans waiting for home runs in the Bay — that’s a Giants classic.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


28 thoughts on “McCovey Cove

    • Yes, it’s quite a scene. It’s named after a former Giants player. Glad you enjoyed the baseball post, Janet…appreciate your visit today. You, too, have a great weekend. 🙂

    • There’s lots of spirit roaring around there! It was great fun for a day, but this introvert can only do it about once a year. lol. Thanks so much Gill. 🙂

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