Highway 1

Big Sur waterfall

McWay Falls, California

McWay Falls on California’s vista-rich Pacific Coast Highway.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander

34 thoughts on “Highway 1

    • It is very hidden, Cindy. It’s very close to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The topography was changed some years back by a fire and landslides, so it is not accessible to walkers. I hope you see it someday. 😀

    • It was a funny thing because we had been looking for the endangered Calif. Condors, we had read they might be near here. We pulled off the hwy. in a precarious place because there was no real roadside, only a cliff. And after we reveled in the Condors (we had been looking for them for years), a man had parked behind us and asked if we had pulled over to see the beach. And we didn’t even know it was down there! Thanks for your comment Gill! 😀

  1. Many many years ago we stopped along PCH to swim and snorkel at a beach similar to that. It was like, “That’s the spot!” viewed from up on the highway, so we stopped and hiked down the rocks to the beach below. It’s still one of my favorite memories of California, that I’ve only been to a handful of times in my life.

    Beautiful shot, Jet. Catching up on my blog reading. I hope you’re well!

    • There’s something so special about it not being accessible. Wonderful to look at, and it stays pristine. Thanks so much, Iris, for your frequent visits and comments. I appreciate them always. 😀

  2. I immediately thought of a photo I took on the Isle of Capri… but this is just up the coast and I have never seen this!

    • It’s so idyllic, hard to imagine a busy highway is right here. The good part is, everyone is zooming by so fast they cannot see it, so it is indeed heavenly. Thanks so much Inger.

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