Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree

The venerable baobab tree is native to Africa and can be found throughout much of the continent.  Nothing towers over the vast African savannah like this tree, not even elephants.


Although the height is impressive at 16-82 feet (5-25 m), it is the solid girth that catches your eye.  The behemoth trunk can get up to 32-45 feet (10-14m) in diameter.


This is a deciduous tree, but it only has leaves for about three months of the year (the wet season).  Most of the year you see it as pictured here. Fortunately it is drought resistant, due to its large root system.


It also bears an ovoid fruit that has a dry pulp and can be ground into a powder, used to make nutritious drinks.  The fruit doesn’t come along for about 20 years, but for a tree that can live to 1,000 years, that’s a very youthful time. Animals eat the leaves, and humans make food, clothing, and other useful products from the tree.  To read more about Adansonia digitata, click here.


The baobab is prevalent in many parts of Africa, and is also found in Oman, Yemen and Western Asia.  But when I see this tree it says to me one word:  Africa.  And what a lovely statement that is.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander



34 thoughts on “Baobab Tree

  1. The size and life of the Baobab tree is iconic! Thank you so much for sharing the info. I have learned so much about trees, animals, birds… from your post. Thank you, Jet! 🙂

  2. I’ve been very fond of trees all my life, I always enjoyed seeing and hugging my “quiet friends”, they’re good listeners and give you shade and a soothing breeze when you best need it. Some trees that are among the biggest, tallest, widest are a whole “world” for many insects, invertebrates, birds, mammals etc. They are the best friends that you can get. Thanks Jet! 🙂

    • I can’t imagine a tree living so long that it outlives many generations of people. That’s a long-term friend for sure! Always a treat to hear from you, HJ, appreciate your visit and comment, as always. 😀

    • Yes, and they’re all over Africa. They look a little different in the different countries, but are always, yes, a true joy to behold. Thanks so much for your comment, Gunta. 😀

  3. I can’t imagine what it’s like to stand near one of these trees. To almost feel the history pulsing through them. It’s a great shot, as always. Wishing you both a great weekend! ❤

  4. The photo of the majestic baobab is amazing! I first heard of this tree in high school French class, reading The Little Prince; ) it’s lovely to read about the baobab from your firsthand experience!

  5. Most amazing tree, especially about the root system! Africa is such a large and diverse continent, you must have explored and enjoyed the adventures that it has to offer, Jet. Great post and photos, thanks. 🙂

    • The root system is bigger than the limb system! I’ve been on 5 different safaris in Africa, and had a period where we just worked and saved, then visited, then worked and saved and visited. Finally we decided we had to visit other places too, but I know I will be going back again because it’s so wildly exotic. Wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s a joy to visit. So appreciative, Iris, for your many visits and comments. 😀

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