Father’s Day Rodeo

Little Cowboy

Little Cowboy

The thing I like most about travel is seeing different ways that humans live.  Humans, after all, are my species.  I love to come across new communities that open my horizons, even if it’s only for a day.


So that is how I found myself at “The Biggest Little Rodeo in the West.”  It takes place in Grover, Colorado every Father’s Day weekend, has been the town’s main attraction since the early 1920s.  The population of Grover is 137 people.


This is a world filled with horse-back riding,  cattle-tending cowboys and cowgirls.  Some rodeos these days are professional events hosted in air-conditioned arenas with large prizes; other rodeos, like this one, are community celebrations in a big, flat field, involving generations of families.


Rodeo, Grover, Colordo

Rodeo, Grover, Colordo

I was with three of my favorite people:  my partner, my 83 year old mother, and my sister.  There we were in the bleachers in our city tennies and summer capris, surrounded by cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and belt-buckled jeans.


Just about the time the “bucking broncs” were being released out of the chutes, the vast and dark sky opened up, and the rain poured and poured.   The rodeo was delayed when the lightning started, and it was time to get Mom back to the hotel.


That was one of those days when we had spent more time traveling to and from the event, than being at the actual event itself.  But on the way “home” as the rain and hail pelted our rental car, we were exhilarated and happy, and recalled the event with relish.


Life on earth with over 7 billion other people makes for a complicated web of overlapping lifestyles and values. I don’t know any cowboys personally, and my father died many years ago, but I still give a nod to fathers and the Grover cowboys every Father’s Day.  And even if you’re not a father, I bid you a Happy Father’s Day.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander

Dedicated to the memory of my mother, who enjoyed the rodeo most of all.








28 thoughts on “Father’s Day Rodeo

    • Ah, my sister who made that day sing! So glad you enjoyed the post, dear Nan, so glad we could enjoy the rodeo that wild day. Yeehaw to you, too, and y’all come back again soon. 😀

    • It was great to see friends and family of all ages enjoying the lifestyle that is theirs. So glad you liked Athena’s photo, Joanne, and appreciate your visit. 😀

  1. Thank you for the Fathers Day good wishes.
    I’m sure your dad would be so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished– just like your Mother was.
    I love the picture of the little cowboy and the American flag– contest winner for sure!!!

    • So very kind of you, thank you Bill. I hope you have a great Father’s Day celebrating your father, your fatherhood, and your sons who are fathers. Lots to celebrate! So glad you liked the photo! 😀

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Amy. I thought of some of those great photos you captured at the cowboy parades, while writing the post. As always, I appreciate your visits here. 😀

  2. Thanks Jet! I’ve been to a rodeo only once in my life in Cody, SD. It’s very exciting and take a lot of skill and disregard for pain! 🙂 ❤

    • You are so right HJ. I was amazed at the level of skill and physical agility demonstrated that day. It lent me a new respect for cattle folks and their challenging occupation. Thanks so much. 😀 😀

    • I am honored, Bertie, to be thought of in connection with these two amazing wildlife enthusiasts who captured all the birds of paradise. I enjoyed the video link you sent, and even though I have avidly watched the PBS special about their project and filming, I still watched your link here because I can never get enough of it. Amazing work, amazing men, Laman and Scholes. They were inspired by Sir David Attenborough, one of my heroes, and they spent 10 years in one of the densest jungles in the world tracking down these crazy-looking birds. No, it’s not rodeo-connected, but I’m really glad you sent it and so appreciate your kind effort. I’m delighted you got to see this extraordinary footage. 😀

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂 me too, thanks Jet! It is very special and I will see if I can watch the PBS special as well. Isn’t it interesting/nice/special how we make connections, and it all started with you putting your blog out there.

  3. I can totally relate to wearing distinctly uncowboy-like clothing while being surrounded by cowboys. As Calgary prepares to enter 10 days of summer Stampede mania, it seems like everyone in the city wears the requisite jeans, cowboy hats and boots for Stampede days except for my partner and I. We both love the event for the fun and happy atmosphere it brings to our city but have never felt compelled to get the hat and the boots just for the occasion, as so many Calgarians and tourists do. Like you, we love the spirit and camaraderie of the event. Great Father’s Day post! Have a great weekend! :))

    • You described the atmosphere perfectly, Jeannie: happy spirit and friendly. It’s quite amazing, this world, and requires tremendous skill and tenacity. So very glad you enjoyed the post, Jeannie, and I appreciate you sharing your experiences. Many happy wishes for a great weekend for you, too. 😀

    • You’re welcome, Jack. I’ve always been impressed with your father skills as a cook and provider of good health and nutrition. Enjoy. And thanks for stopping by! 😀

  4. What a lovely post. I love a rodeo! The photograph of the little cowboy is just wonderful, put a smile on my face. Like the reader above, I live in Calgary, and I find it’s splendidly diverse, and Stampede crazy.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • The Stampede sounds like a fun and lively event, and a great plus that it’s diverse. I’m happy to hear from you, pc, and glad that you enjoyed the rodeo post. Thank you! 😀

  5. Loved this post, Jet. It embraces human diversity in such a wonderful way. Love the picture of the little cowboy 🙂 I’ve been at rodeo once in rural Texas, also in my city tennies in the midst of people who lived and breathed their horses and “bucking broncs”. Have a beautiful weekend.

    • And I have the feeling you never forgot that rodeo experience. Thanks so much, Tiny, for your thoughtful comment and responsive words…much appreciated. 😀

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