Crimson Rosellas

Crimson Rosella, Australia

Crimson Rosella, Australia

There is a stunning parrot that lives in southeastern Australia called the Crimson Rosella.  To those of us who do not live in a world full of parrots, it is incredibly thrilling to see this big bright bird on a tree limb plucking blossoms.


Flock of Crimson Rosellas

Flock of Crimson Rosellas


They inhabit coastal and mountain forests, and also human areas like gardens, parks, and golf courses.  Platycercus elegans eat fruit, seeds, berries, and bugs.  A big bird, at about 14 inches (36 cm) long, they can often be seen foraging in noisy flocks.


There are six species of rosellas; all are colorful, medium-sized parrots native to Australia and nearby islands.  To read more about the Crimson Rosella, click here.


Although I have seen crimson rosellas in numerous parts of Australia, they were especially tame at a mountain lodge called O’Reilly’s.  Athena had them eating out of her hand.


Athena's new friends

Athena’s new friends

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander, Jet Eliot


49 thoughts on “Crimson Rosellas

    • Australia is a great place for parrots, but I must say, southern FL has awesome birds too. I’ve also had the exper. there of mosquitoes almost as big as birds…ha. Thank you Everett, always a pleasure…. 😀

  1. These parrots are truly stunning, in a land of stunning parrots. I’ve been lucky to see them while living in Australia and was always delighted to be around them.

    • Yes, those blue tail feathers, blue cheeks, and then the scalloping design on the feathers — truly exquisite. So glad you enjoyed the crimson rosellas, Harmony. Thanks so much. 🙂

    • It’s almost surreal to see them in person bec the rest of society scurries along–cars buzz by, people buzz by–and those of us entranced with the rosella just stop in our footsteps and stare, appreciatively. Thanks very much, Amy, so glad you enjoyed the rosellas. 😀

  2. When I saw the photo I was going to say “stunning” but you already took the word… so I’ll say “amazing” instead!

  3. Isn’t O’Reily’s glorious? Oh their bush walks, I don’t think I’ll ever forget looking into the ponds of crystal clear water and seeing bright blue yabbies crawling beneath the water’s surface. Magnificent!

    • i thought if I mentioned O’Reilly’s, that someone would be familiar. YES! Loved O’Reilly’s. How wonderful to know that you have enjoyed this fun place too, Joanne. Many thanks! And G’Day! 😀

    • Athena likes to have tactile contact with the birds and mammals, but I do best standing on the sidelines taking photos. So glad you enjoyed the rosellas, Gunta, they are indeed gorgeous. 😀

    • They landed on me, too, but I don’t like birds landing on me so I rolled my shoulders to get them to fly away. But instead of flying away they just stayed on my shoulder and they looked like they were surfing on me!! Hilarious!! Glad to have you stop by, dear Nan, as always. 😀

  4. I wouldn’t mind have one of them by me! Nice going Athena! I wouldn’t try that stunt with vultures though! Thanks Jet! I’d love to see you with the parrots too! 🙂

    • Thanks so very much, Takami, I’m happy to introduce you to the rosellas. Very glad you enjoyed the post, and I wish to you a wonderful weekend as well! 😀

  5. Wow, how incredible are these birds! So pretty and colorful…It’s true that it must be amazing to see them, hanging out in the trees…Here in NYC we are lucky to see a few sparrows in the trees! And pigeons of course!
    Yet another lovely post!
    Have a super weekend!

    • Ah Gill, so very glad you liked it. On my desk I have a photo-a-day Audubon Bird Calendar, and today guess what appeared? The Crimson Rosella! Thank you, as always, for your warm comment and visit.:D

  6. So brilliant! Your response above reminds me of an incident I experienced just last evening. A friend noticed several green parrots on a power line, so we stopped to look. We watched as more and more parrots joined him, till there were 15-20 all fluttering and chattering above. At the same time, more and more people stopped in their tracks and looked up, too. Something so irresistible about watching birds!

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