Mexican Plantation

Coffee Berry Picker, Mexico

Coffee Berry Picker, Mexico

We were with a guide in this banana plantation, it was early morning before the mosquitoes got too bad.  This man passed us on his way to work in a coffee field.


A few local workers greeted us in Spanish as they passed, and we spotted dozens of different bird species. There were no other birders and no other people.


At one point we heard an amplified male voice speaking very urgent Spanish.  We two gringos could not see where the voice was coming from, and it was so fast we had no idea what was being said, but the urgency indicated it was an emergency.  It was so loud that our guide stopped talking and waited for the message to end.


When the amplified voice stopped, our guide continued telling us about the bird.  I interrupted and said, “What was that voice saying?”


Parrolets, Mexico

Parrotlets, Mexico

“The local store is having a meat sale.”


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander



35 thoughts on “Mexican Plantation

    • Our guide, a skilled Mexican birder, had a fun wit. We were all worried and he played it out perfectly, leaving all 3 of us laughing pretty hard under the banana leaves. Many thanks pc. 😀

  1. In the layout of the posting, the phrase “having a meat sale” was right next to the photo. I hope they weren’t selling the parrotlets as meat!

  2. So nice to see the parrots all lined up on the tree branch rather than in a cage in a pet store. Sometimes I have to visit this one store that sells birds…. I try not to support stores selling any kind of pet… and I always walk out of there feeling so sorry for the captives.

    • Yes, it’s a despicable act to steal wild birds out of the jungle and cage them up. We were happy to see these parrotlets freely perched together in the tree. Thanks so much for visiting Roslyn. 🙂

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