A Brief Relief

Wild Violet, northern California

Wild Violet, northern California

Celebrating a few glorious inches of recent rain.

California Poppy

California Poppy











Photo credit:  Athena Alexander

41 thoughts on “A Brief Relief

    • Yes, not much time left before they dry up; but while they’re here, they are much enjoyed. Thanks so much dear Iris for your kind comments and continued support. 😀

    • Yes, that is a stunning color. The roadside ditches and grassy fields are covered with the poppies at this time. Very nice to receive your visit and comment today, BB — thank you! 😀

  1. They are beautiful! We could definitely need some rain here as well, been several wildfires lately due to the dry conditions. And some rain would definitely give the spring a boost!

  2. So beautiful a post Dear Jet!Lovely wild flowers looking so happy and brilliant after the rain!
    I have never seen an orangish poppy,here,they all have a passionate red colour.
    I was away from WP again and I have missed some wonderful posts;it’s late right now,I’ll come back tomorrow and enjoy your work as always!The night owl must turn in now …
    Have a wonderful day,see you tomorrow again my lovely friend 🙂 xxx

    • Hi dear Doda, I hope your Easter sojourn was wonderful. I’m glad you enjoyed the spring wildflowers. Living in California we get accustomed to seeing our brilliant Orange poppies everywhere, so I appreciate hearing your appreciation for them–it reminds me to not take them for granted. All best wishes and thanks, dear friend. 😀

  3. What better way to celebrate it than with wildflowers? Beautiful, both. If you’re in Cali, I feel for you. In Houston, 2011 (12 months with no rain) was a killer. This year, I think we are already around 25 inches! Not complaining. 😀

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