Walking on Sunshine

Cows, Wildflowers, Carrizo Plains, CA

Cows, Wildflowers, Carrizo Plain, CA

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


57 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

    • There’s an old song by Katrina and the Waves with this title, I had it in my head and this photo seemed to go perfectly with it. You might be familiar with the Carrizo Plain in SoCal Cindy? If not, I think you might like it. Many thanks. 😃

    • Hi Gunta~~They were little tiny daisies, so I think they were in the aster family. At first I thought they were mustard too. Many thanks for your comment and visit! 😀

  1. The perfect title for the picture, made me think about the song with the same title as the song from Katrina & The Waves:)

  2. Thank you Jet Dear for the sunshine you sent to warm my day and my heart!
    A shot of rare beauty with brilliant compositional elements !The huge golden carpet emits shimmering lighting my lovely friend,and it’s so handsomely punctuated by the lovable cows!
    Hope you and Athena have a nice spring weekend 🙂 ღ ღ

  3. Hi Jet,
    I came over to say thank you for visiting my blog Reflections yesterday and liking my post “9 Ways to Avoid Gambling…”
    You have over 100 likes on this post. What an engaged community you’ve built.
    Nice to meet you.

    • Thank you so much for your warm comment and visit, Janice. I look forward to visiting your blog more and am glad I found it. I invite you back here anytime! 😀

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