Springing Into Action

Savannah Sparrow, California

Savannah Sparrow, California

Savannah Sparrow gathering nesting materials.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


43 thoughts on “Springing Into Action

  1. I guess it that time of year again:) I have observed the birds here have started collecting nesting material as well. Nice picture with the pop of colour from the wire.

  2. What a fantastic shot, Jet! I have seen birds with so much in their beaks, I wonder how on earth will they ever fly? This little guy sure has a lot himself! To see the nesting process in person, is what I am eagerly waiting for. So many Spring birds are here, but I have yet to see them begin to nest. They are too busy trying to keep warm in this awful cold that is still here. (((HUGS))) Amy

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  4. Hi my wonderful friend Jet!
    Playing catch up again and here I am to pump up energy from your delightful posts and nature’s wisdom.What a sweet birdie,what a great constructor … Love the eco-friendly material they use for their charming dwelling;Athena did capture the moment!Sending you warm spring hugs for the day 🙂 xxx

    • I enjoyed your comment as always dear Doda. Funny to think of a sparrow as an eco-friendly builder, but it got me thinking (as you always do) that there are some birds that build their nests with all kinds of flash and trash that is not necessarily eco-friendly. Thanks so much my friend for your spirited visit and comment. Always a pleasure. 😀😀

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