Going Bananas

Banana Tree, Mexico

Banana Tree, Mexico

There have been several birding occasions in the tropics when we came upon cultivated banana groves.  The plants tower five and ten feet above us and the broad leaves provide cooling shade from the searing sun.  Usually the guide is in a hurry to get through the grove and into the forest, to show us a bird.  But I love to stop for a second and look up, and see the green banana bunches hanging above my head.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


34 thoughts on “Going Bananas

  1. And… you forgot to mentioned the taste of this fruit, Jet 🙂

    Being in the tropics, Banana is part of our daily diet and there are so many kinds out here.

    The funny part is, my Dad like one type, daughter like another one and Mom like yet another one 🙂

    And I like all types 🙂

    • I eat bananas a lot, not only for the taste but for the potassium. Thanks for the great reminder, Sreejith. I am smiling broadly at the rich story of your family and their preferred banana tastes. Thank you so much! 😀

  2. I so agree Jet. For some reason whenever we see bananas while traveling I am mesmerized. Perhaps the thought that those tasty treats actually grow somewhere and don’t magically appear in the market. 🙂

  3. I love banana groves and like you enjoy walking through one. I am reminded that when I was born in London at the end of WW2, to see a banana was such a rarity…..I never take such things for granted:)
    Have a beautiful weekend. Janet:)

    • I like that attitude, Janet. Some naturalist folks scowl at the groves (loss of habitat, etc.) but it does no good to scowl at a banana, they just smile back! Always a treat to have an an exchange with you, thank you. 😀

  4. Bananarama!
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. That’s the ’80’s MTV Influence that still lurks in the recesses of my brain……..
    I’m peeling one as soon as I get done typing!

    • Oh BJ, I bid you my fondest hello and am grateful for your kind remarks today, and every day. You have now brightened my day. Thank you! And have an equally bright weekend! 😀

  5. I remember when I first saw a banana tree. Too bad I don’t have a picture with my expression 🙂 I was so shocked and fascinated. It’s wonderful to see them grow in such an interesting way. Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely weekend! ❤

    • For many of us the banana tree is unusual and exotic, so I’m guessing your facial expression reflected this, Lucy? Or perhaps you grabbed a leaf and fanned the person next to you? lol. Always a treat to hear from you, dear Lucy. 😀 😀

      • Hahaha, I didn’t think about grabbing a leaf but now it sounds like a very good idea. I’ll keep that in mind for next time :))) In Romania we don’t really have a lot of exotic plants, because the 4 seasons don’t allow such a thing, so yes, I was definitely surprised to see such an exotic plant. I’m happy to know you enjoy my comments. Thank you for making me laugh! Hugs 🙂

  6. What a refreshing and very green photo Jet Dear!
    Love this delicious,exotic fruit and the gigantic leaves of the plant.We had planted some in our seaside garden,in Peloponnese,they were very happy there,but the fruit was always in a “baby” stage … lol.
    I have read that the shape of the fruit is curved because they grow towards the sun.How sweet!
    Loved the witty title of your post,you have so cleverly played on words!
    Enjoy your day my lovely friend:)

    • Hello dear Doda, so glad you enjoyed the post. I often feel like I am in a sort of outdoor tree house when under the banana leaves. I didn’t know the reason for the banana curve, thanks so much. Always a great treat to hear from you my dear friend. 🌟💙🌺

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