Fluttering Elegance Takes a Pause

Butterfly, Ecuador

Butterfly Pausing on a Rock, Ecuador


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


19 thoughts on “Fluttering Elegance Takes a Pause

    • I love that combination of colors, too, Sue. I like the thought of a tiny brush painting the colors. Enjoy your weekend Sue, and thank you, as always, for stopping by. 😀

  1. At long last smoothly I arrived to leave my humble comment and admire the beautiful Butterfly Lady!
    Caught it in action dearest Jet ? Incredible symmetry and colourful patterns on the wings distinctly displaying the Golden ratio geometric relationship Φ … All the very best to you & Athena 🙂 ღ ღ ღ

    • That incredible symmetry–the divine proportion–is such a wonder and joy to see in nature, thank you, dearest Doda, for pointing that out. Thank you, as well, for alerting me to the comment box problem. I don’t know what that problem was about, but I decided to just eat breakfast and when I came back the problem was resolved. Divine resolve I guess…smiles and many thanks to you, and best wishes for a divine day. 😀 😀

  2. Oh no,it’s resting on the rock …I will not disturb it … Any how,glad the problem is sorted out,I came earlier and the comment box was missing and there was a space to retry and search,I left a note in your previous Crab post just to let you know.You can remove it now.Thank you my dearest friend 🙂 xxx

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