Crab Season Enjoyed by All

Bodega Bay, Western Gull with his catch

Bodega Bay, Western Gull with his catch

The 2014-2015 crab season is nearing its seasonal end in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is always a big deal in northern California when the dungeness crab season starts, usually in November.


Some years the crab population is slim and the commercial fishing limits are strict; a very upsetting hardship for fishing people and restauranteurs who make a living off the crabs.  Fortunately this year was plentiful.

Bodega Bay, Calif.

Bodega Bay, Calif.


During the season schools and organizations have crab feeds, restaurants and markets put out signs announcing their crab prices including the day and hour it is expected in.  During the holidays many people in the Bay Area order crab for their various feasts.  Bodega Bay and San Francisco fish markets are lively with happy festive customers ordering crab.  I stood in line beside a woman who ordered 30 bibs.

Bodega Bay, Calif., Crab Pots

Bodega Bay, Calif., Crab Pots


I was birding in Bodega Bay a few weeks ago and the crab pots (cages for trapping) were stacked and lined all around the Marina.  There are still some boats and fishers out in the Bay catching crabs, but the season is dwindling to a close.


If you are ever in the Bay Area during crab season at the end or beginning of the calendar year, partake in this fresh seasonal delight.  Winter birding is also wonderful in Bodega Bay, but that’s another story I will undoubtedly be telling you in the future.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


35 thoughts on “Crab Season Enjoyed by All

  1. Oh, I’m allergic to sea food, but that doesn’t stop me from smelling the scent of the fresh ocean air, visiting beautiful San Francisco or taking in the sights of the wharf. A magical ‘old world’ feel comes over me upon taking a walk upon the docks. Thanks for the great post! 🙂

    • I don’t know if you have ever been to Bodega Bay, Kim, but the “old world feel” is what I like most about this small little seaside town. You described it well. Many thanks! 😀

  2. That’s quite a view of the bay from you were! I’ve never been to that side of California. Thanks Jet for the post! 🙂

    • This is one of my favorite spots in the Bay Area, and yes, the views are awesome. There is a mountain cliff that overlooks the ocean and as you drive up toward it there are breathtaking views of Bodega as well. This view seen here is an unusual angle that you don’t often see because it is on an old back road. Thanks, dear HJ, for your comment today and every day. 🙂

  3. Great info for future visit!
    How the crabs cooked there? In Singapore and Indonesia, the crabs were cooked with special sauce that make them very tasty – but I found the sauce also make the eating is messier 😀

    • I would guess that you are a seafood affectionado, Indah, with your background in Indonesia. The crabs here are served in many different ways. Many people buy it “cooked and cracked,” (which is what I like) and enjoy it as crab cakes or stuffed in mushrooms with fresh herbs. Always a treat to hear from you! 😀

    • Isn’t that a fun photo of the gull? We were watching a sea lion bobbing around a pier when this gull flew in with a mouthful. He dropped his prey on the dock and systematically ate it in three bites. Thanks so much, dear Amy, your visits are always appreciated. 🙂

  4. Wonderful post dearest Jet!They combine commercial fishery with pleasure and the atmosphere becomes very festive.It all sounds like a fair,a pleasant crab- fair.Stunning the photo of the gull at dinner and the display of the crab pots in order.How beautiful the view over the distant bay and with the hilly land in the foreground!Athena did the miracle again!
    The slim or plentiful population year to year must have to do with weather conditions and enviromental factors.The same happens here in Greece especially with the river crabs.Interesting post,full of life and local colour my dearest friend.Have a wonderful day 🙂 ღ ღ ღ

    • I so appreciate your undivided attention to the crab season post, and your kind and warm comments have produced a smile on my face. Yes, the weather conditions and environmental factors do dictate the crab population. I am always grateful that there are regulations in place so that the crab populations do not get completely wiped out forever. I hope your week has been advancing in a joyful way, dearest Doda, and again, thank you so much. 😀 😀 ♥

      • Absolutely my dearest friend Jet!Nature guards,repairs,amends and balances everything …
        Sending hugs & kind thoughts your way 🙂 ○●♡۰•●

      • Wise words, and very true. This is why I love being outdoors and following nature~~it is so very healing. Thanks so much for this wonderful exchange today, my dear Doda. 😀 ♥

  5. Yay! We also get dungeness crabs up here on the Oregon Coast. One of my favorite meals is crab cakes when eating out. Somehow they never come out as good if I make them myself. I can do crab salad or crab Louie, though! 😀

    • Hi Gunta! Yes, it’s a lot of work to make crab cakes, especially if you have to crack all the shells yourself. But it sure gives you an appreciation for the work that someone else did when it comes to you served on a plate. I’m glad you have the joys of a crab season where you are…and thanks for your visit! 😀

  6. Hi dearest Jet, I was trying to comment on your beautiful butterfly,but the page is lost … Instead,it shows the image only and it says : Search,but still doesn’t show properly;just to let you know,have a quick look to see what’s wrong.Thank you;take care 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks for your techno message, Doda. I haven’t been able to figure this one out, but I appreciate you getting through to me and letting me know there’s a glitch occurring somewhere. You have a wonderful weekend, dear Doda. 😀

    • Your comment made me smile, Jo, thanks so much. And I appreciate your comment on the blog’s new makeover. I hope you are exploring more beautiful wonders this weekend…. 😀

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