40 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. That’s pure Art Jet Dear!Art has so many expressions,even some stones or pieces of rocks can display the artist’s deep thoughts and creativity!Hope the stone arrangement is safe and unaffected by any possible tides there … Have a splendid day my lovely friend 🙂 xxx

    • You’re absolutely right Doda, in that art can be expressed in so many beautiful ways. This rock balancing artist was incredible, and the rocks were very, very big as you can see in comparison to his body. Further down the beach there were sand sculptures. Art, like life, can be so fleeting; and balancing rocks and sculpting sand are forms that are fleeting. But I like it because it’s a good reminder to be present. Thank you dearest Doda for your wonderful visit today. I hope your week is going well…. 😀

  2. Interesting work, practiced by many people explorers, hikers, when they go to remote places and leave a trace ‘monument’ erected with local rocks. Most are simple while others are quite amazing! Thanks Jet! 🙂

    • This was a beautiful way to start my morning, Gunta, thanks so much for the video. Michael Grab certainly brought this art to a creative and new level. I like how he’s almost always in the water building the rocks, and it is fascinating to see what balances and how he creates. Thanks so much for taking the time to present this video. 😀 😀

    • The rock balancer feels the rock and all of its properties (weight, shape, surface, etc.) and then goes to work. I agree with you, Indah, it is not easy. Thank you for your comment! 😀

    • Absolutely! And all the other amazing rock formations on this earth. I think when we visit places with natural rock formations, we find more appreciation for this lovely form of nature. Many thanks! 😀

  3. I’ve seen some of these popping up in places they weren’t during years before, and they seem to be getting quite trendy. I can think of one, on Sugarloaf Mountain, alongside the trail in the forest, that has gotten to the point that it is a gigantic pile of rocks almost as big as a house. :O Interesting, but a little out of hand at that point, IMHO.

  4. My family and I have many fond memories of Puerto Vallarta. From snorkeling and whale watching near the Islas Marietas to zip lining from mountain top to mountain top, hundreds of feet above the Rio Amica, we thoroughly enjoyed vacation time spent there. Not to mention the food! And tequila! Icaramba, delicioso!

    • Hola TMinch! Yes, it is a great family destination, and oh yes, the food is wonderful. Even bowls of fresh, warm, just-baked tortilla chips and chunky homemade salsa before the meal are a meal in itself. Gracias for stopping by T… 😀

  5. Ahhh, you mentioned the FRESH food! Here’s a Puerto Vallarta fresh food story for you.
    Flash back to first grade. My teacher said I couldn’t go out to recess until I, at the least, tried to eat some of the canned, room temperature pineapple on my tray. I said that I didn’t like pineapple and would throw up. She suggested I try one piece and wash it down with some milk. So I did, and I threw up. I hated it even more after that.
    Fast forward 40 years to a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta where I was eating a cool, refreshing fresh fruit plate on a hot day. “What is this tasty yellow fruit,” I asked my wife, “is it, mango, papaya?” That’s right, it was pineapple. I was speechless.
    Well, the phrase, “What is this tasty yellow fruit?” is now the running joke in my family whenever we eat it, the word pineapple is heard, or a picture of one is seen….. well you get the point.
    I can’t believe what I had missed all those years!

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