The Year of the Goat

Goat in Illinois

Goat in Illinois

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


28 thoughts on “The Year of the Goat

    • I am honored to receive your fine offer, but decline for now. I am deep in the writing of my novel’s manuscript and am only coming up enough for air when it’s mealtime. Thanks so much, and greetings to you in beautiful South Africa. 😀

    • This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I wondered if you would recognize this goat, and indeed you have had dealings with this little rascal. Thanks so much, dear Bill, for this hearty laugh today. 😀

    • He is indeed, thanks so much for your visit and comment, Indah. Sometimes these goats nudged into me, which I wasn’t fond of, so I think they’re cuter to look at from a distance. lol. 😀

  1. Hope 2015 year of the goat is as calm and peaceful as the sweet face of the goat here,dearest Jet… So cute and adorable animals!Love their meek nature and their innocent stare!Is it a billy or a nanny goat here Jet ? (S)he is so gracefully posing with the head up 🙂 xxx

    • I am not sure of the sex of this goat, Doda; but I can say that the goats in this pen kept nudging me, butting their heads slightly against me, doing what goats do. It was an interesting experience, but not endearing. Always a fine treat to hear from you dear Doda. 🐏 🌸 😄

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