San Francisco Holidays

San Francisco cable car

San Francisco cable car

Boarders at Market and Powell Streets, SF

Boarders at Market and Powell Streets, SF


30 thoughts on “San Francisco Holidays

    • I like that sound effect, Bill. This is a turnaround so there’s also metal screeching. I like the anticipation at the turnarounds, people waiting to board, go for a ride. I recall, in fact, a lovely cable car ride with you two many years ago! 😀

  1. Soon they’ll be complaining of noise pollution, to many clang clangs and screech screeches! San Francisco is really beautiful! 🙂 Thanks Jet!

    • Thank you, my friend. I like the cable car rides, they’re exciting– to take an open-air vehicle ricketing up and down those extremely steep hills. Thanks so much for your continued support, BJ. 🙂

    • The other day I was in SF with the intention of taking pictures and running errands. But quite soon it became apparent that the extra heavy holiday traffic in the city (people attending events, shopping, visiting) was putting a kink in my plans. So I went out to the edge of town instead, to the ocean, and soaked up the non-holiday rhythms of the waves for a bit. It was lovely.

    • Oh dear Doda, what a delight to hear from you! This morning it is foggy and chilly, but I am warmed by my friends and holiday times, and especially thrilled to receive your kind words. I hope you are enjoying the holidays and I send my best wishes to you, dear Doda. 😀

      • How nice,my dear friend Jet ! It all sounds heaven,I’m glad you are enjoying your holidays ! Take good care & have fun ! Thanks kindly for your warm wishes,much appreciated !
        PS : I so much enjoyed reading your recent posts ! You can check my comments out,when you come back,now it’s time only for joy and entertainment 🙂

    • It’s a fun city, I hope you can visit sometime. In the meantime, my next novel is set there (due out in spring) and there’ll be plenty of photos, scenes, and images to enjoy. You have a great Christmas, too, Olga; and thanks for dropping by. 😀

    • Thanks so much, Emma, for passing my blog on to your friend. If you ever intend to visit SF, the best months are Sept. and Oct.; but there’s beauty in every month. Merry Christmas to you too! 😀

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