African Wild Dogs

Wild Dog, Botswana

Wild Dog, Botswana

We were lucky to find African Wild Dogs drinking from the Chobe River in Botswana.  For three safari weeks we had been looking for them, but Lycaon pictus are an endangered species and very difficult to find.


Unless they are in their denning phase raising pups, they don’t stay in one place, are always out hunting.  According to Wikipedia, there are only 6,600 individuals left on the planet.  But the good news is, a friend who recently visited this same park (Chobe National Park) reported the pack was currently denning in the area, and had young pups.  For more info about this fascinating mammal, click here.


Hunting Party

Hunting Party

After spotting the three individuals at the river, our skilled guide soon found the rest of the pack.  They were enthusiastically jumping around, snorting and sniffing, excited about their recent impala kill (which we also found).  This pack numbered about 8-10.  They devoured their hunted kill, frolicked in celebration of their outstanding success, and then ran off.


Wild Dogs, Botswana

Wild Dogs, Botswana

Thrilled at finally seeing the wild dogs, after the pack left us we got out of the safari jeep and took photos of the only thing that remained:  their feces.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


39 thoughts on “African Wild Dogs

    • Thanks so very much, Takami. The wild dogs are indeed under-appreciated, and it is doubtful they will be long on this planet. But wow, what an incredible animal they are. We were positively blissful after seeing them. Many thanks to you, my friend. 🙂

  1. While they look not so dangerous, a pack of wild dogs is feared by all animals! They’re relentless until they get their pray. Have many strategies for hunting and voracious appetite. I wouldn’t mess with them!… Here doggy! Thanks Jet! Super post! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post. I am not a specialist, I don’t know either 6600 means that there is a hope or it doesn’t… For me it sounds like a very small number. I am actually glad that most of people under-appreciate them. It only means that they are left alone, and are not getting killed like the elephants, on a regular basis.

    • Well that is a kind hope, Inese, that they are left alone. But unfortunately they are persecuted by many local Africans, much like wolves in the U.S., which is partly why their population has dwindled so much. To give you an idea of numbers, most football stadiums hold 80,000 people, so 6600 of all that is left on earth is sadly small. I appreciate you taking an interest and sharing your concern. 🙂

  3. I love African wild dogs. I saw them in Chitabe Botswana – a pack of about 15. Some of them were still pups. It was amazing. I still think about them and my heart leaps whenever I see a picture or video of them. Thanks for sharing!

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