Take a Break

Marine Iguana

Marine Iguana

Marine Iguana, Galapagos Islands.  Photo:  Athena Alexander


25 thoughts on “Take a Break

    • I love the separated fingers in this photo, it seems to announce his individuality. He was on these rocks with dozens and dozens of other marine iguanas. Thanks so much for your comment Amy. 🙂

    • Yes, they soak up that sunshine to get their blood energized for the cold water hunt. They are a true joy to observe in the wild, so unique. And you have a great weekend too, Nan. 😀

  1. Rest under the sun then jump in the ocean and spend some time eating and then back to rest under the sun again. Sound like the retirees of California beaches! Thanks Jet! 🙂 Have a happy Thanksgiving! Same for Athena!

    • This made me smile, HJ. Thanks so much. And you have a happy Thanksgiving too. Many thanks for the salute to Athena too. I’m thinking it’s almost time for your trip to Florida to have your own bask in the sun. Have a great time! 😀

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