Coastal Hiking Adventure

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

A recent trip to Wilder Ranch State Park on the California coast was a truly spectacular day.  Few cars in the parking lot and unpaved paths were the first sign it was a gem, for this meant fewer people.


A short distance from the sea, we could not yet see it, but we could smell the brine.  After less than a mile we turned a corner and our world opened up with a bay and cliffs and the mighty Pacific Ocean.  Sea birds, seals, and tumbling waves were surrounded by craggy cliffs and the infinite expanse of the sea. Thereafter, every corner was a new coastal cove and a sleepy pod of seals, or nesting shorebirds on the cliffs, or soaring pelicans.


Harbor Seals

Harbor Seals

Our return hike extended longer than anticipated because the map wasn’t quite accurate.  The sandy trail ended at a farm, and our new view was a field and a farmer on his tractor.  In the distance we saw trail bikers going somewhere, so we headed that way and found abandoned railroad tracks that turned into the trail that eventually led to the parking lot.  It was all part of the adventure, and a fine one it was.


Harbor Seals

Harbor Seals

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander




Western Gull on nest

Western Gull on nest

Brown Pelicans

Brown Pelicans


23 thoughts on “Coastal Hiking Adventure

    • They are funny birds. A very big and heavy bird and yet they glide with impeccable precision only inches above the water’s surface. And watching them hunt, as they snag a fish and shake back their head to swallow is also entertaining. Great to hear from you Inese! 😀

    • There’s so much to check out down there in the Santa Cruz area, I can understand not being able to stop. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Lynn, and that you got to see the park anyway. 😀

    • I’m a fan of alliteration and I also use a similar phrase occasionally: down the pike. The pelicans in flight were great because we were on a 200 foot high cliff overlooking the Pacific and they cruised by right in front of us. Wonderful, as always, to hear from you RH. 😀

  1. Moral of the Story: When a return hike extends longer than anticipated… Only good things will be arriving 😛 Great post dear Jet… Happy sunday and week ahead to you, Aquileana 😀

  2. Oh dear Jet ! You explore the world and the magic of nature in the most enthralling way!
    Indeed,a brilliant day by the rocky scenery of the vast ocean where sea life was generous to you ! Loved the Brown Pelican on the wing and the other ones with the contemplative disposition on the rocks! However,I adored the seal assembly and the Western Gull on nest with its bill open as if it was singing ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬ … Wondrous Coastal Moments 🙂 xxx

    • Your comment made me smile and laugh, I loved all the musical notes and creative symbols. Your interpretation captured the ease and delight of the day, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it too. Always a delight to hear from you, dear Doda. 😀 ♥

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