A Spark of Life

Bluet Damselfly, NV

Bluet Damselfly, NV

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander



34 thoughts on “A Spark of Life

  1. In the desert the UV intensifies colors, in this case the blue damsel
    In contrast to the soil is quite eye catching! Nice shot! Thanks Jet! 🙂

  2. Lovely! It’s been a good year for damselflies in the UK. I’ve never noticed so many different types before, and it’s been the same with butterflies – several species I’ve never seen in the garden before. Hope it’s the same next year! RH

  3. Perfect timing as it is resting on the rocks with both wings folded together ! Great image dear Jet ;
    its bright blue body is so impressive ! You are one with nature my friend 🙂 xxx

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