Online Eating

Adult Barn Swallow with Fledgling, Nevada

Adult Barn Swallow Feeding Fledgling

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


23 thoughts on “Online Eating

    • Oh those swallows, Doda, they are the BEST fliers, and indeed they are acrobats. So glad you enjoyed the post, my dear friend. I hope you, too, have a great day. Thanks so much for your continual kind comments and visit. 😀

    • The parent has their mouth so far inside the little one’s mouth–it takes a minute to understand what it is. Glad you liked the capture, and I really appreciate your visit and comment. 🙂

    • The fledglings were on the electrical wire demanding to be fed, while the parent would fly off, get a morsel, come back and feed the young. And this went on for two days in a row. It was very fun to watch. Thanks so much Elena! 🙂

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