Platypus Play

Platypus, Australia

Platypus, Australia

It wasn’t by accident that we spotted this platypus one dark morning in Queensland, Australia.  Over ten years earlier on a trip Down Under we had spent many hours searching after consulting with local rangers, and came up with a fun adventure, but not a “plattie.”


So this second trip we budgeted for a guide and asked him where we could find a playtpus, and he led us right to it.  Here’s a link to a post I wrote last year about how we eventually found this delightful monotreme (egg-laying mammal).


Ornithorhynchus anatinus lives on the eastern coast of Australia and in Tasmania, and although its conservation status is “Least Concern,” many natives and visitors have never seen one.  They like quiet, cool, and dark conditions, and spend most of their time under water or in riverside burrows.  With their duck-like bill and beaver tail, platypus hunt for freshwater shrimp and insect larvae, utilizing special electrolocation sensors in their bill. 


For defense, the males have an ankle spur that releases venom that is strong enough to kill a dog and impair a human.  But that wasn’t a problem for us that day.  I still smile as I think about us trundling alongside that river in the rain and dark dawn, hoping to see the playtpus.  And when we did, it was all I could do to suppress the urge to howl with happiness.


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander


14 thoughts on “Platypus Play

    • Oh, don’t you know it, HJ. We were in the area a few days past our time with the guide. And we went back @ dawn to the same spot, and saw them again. And after that, no more. It was great! Sometimes these findings work out, and sometimes they don’t. Thanks so much for your comment. 😀

    • Yes, they are exclusive to Australia & Tasmania, and not very often seen. We were lucky, and we also worked hard for it. I’m glad you liked the post and learned from it, Jeannie. Thanks so much for your visit! 😀

  1. ✽✿✽ Great capture, dear Jet ✽✿✽… I didn’t know too much about this animal, the platypus.
    So I really appreciate that you shared this interesting information over here.
    Best wishes and happy weekend to you, Aquileana 😀

    • They are not a familiar mammal to most people, and there’s still so much to learn about them. But I’m really glad to know you learned something about them here, Aquileana, and I very much appreciate your kind comments. I’m having a great weekend and getting ready to go off on vacation, but will be back in 2 weeks. In the meantime, you take good care. 😀

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