15 thoughts on “The Elegant Peacock

  1. Reblogged this on Ethereal Nature and commented:
    complex order
    inherent in the universe
    proof, it is claimed
    that He exists
    the handiwork of God.
    One look upon the peacock
    proof, it must be
    that She exists
    beauty beyond comprehension
    that only the Goddess
    could imagine
    and what God would dress like this
    unless courting heavenly bliss
    Krishna courting his Queen

    • Beautiful creatures on earth AND in the sea–it’s a wonderful planet to share with all the creatures. Many thanks to you, Indah, for the beauties you share too. Have a good week! 😀

    • You know Texas, Amy, there’s a bit of everything and always a surprise. ha. This was taken at a ranch we visited earlier this year called Blisswood Bed and Breakfast, about an hour outside of Houston. Many thanks Amy. 🙂

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