Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep in Denali NP, Alaska

Dall Sheep in Denali NP, Alaska

In the summer it becomes difficult to observe the mountain sheep in the national parks in America.  These dall sheep in Denali (Alaska) were so high in the mountains, they were almost invisible to the naked eye.  They were tiny white specs against green, so far away from us.  This photo was taken through a spotting scope, digiscoping.


Their cloven hooves and rough foot pads allow them skillful footing on the craggy mountain ridges.  This gives them safety from predators like bears, wolves, and coyote who cannot maneuver the rocky surfaces.  Because it is summer, the snows have melted down somewhat, so alpine meadows provide a good diet too.


Ah.  Safety and food, enjoying comrades and some beauty and adventure…those dall sheep sure know how to live.

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander



21 thoughts on “Dall Sheep

    • Before our hike when we asked the guides at the visitor center about the chances of seeing Dall Sheep, they said we would never see them. We scanned and scanned with our binoculars, then got the spotting scope set up with the camera. They really were just white dots. It was fun, and I’m delighted you enjoyed it too. Thank you so much for your visit and comment. 😀

  1. I have to get a spotting scope for my birdwatching. All the birders have them and we always see birds too far away for my camera. Even my binoculars are not good enough to see the sheep you saw. Of course getting to Alaska might be quite the trip too. Someday, it is on the list.

      • Jet once when coming down a mountain after a climb we came upon a brand new baby goat and it’s ‘family’ teaching it how to go up a little rock. The wee thing could barely stand but they kept nudging it up this little pile. Truly one of the most wonderful wildlife encounters I’ve had. Your post brought back that happy memory. Thank you

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