Safari Dining

Our esteemed chefs

Our esteemed chefs

My favorite kind of wildlife safari is camping, because we’re out in the savannah with nothing but wild creatures.  Feeding a group of 12 clients, and the guides and guards, required an organized production and two excellent chefs.


Pantry Tent

Pantry Tent

These are photos of our safari camping in Meru National Park in Kenya. The food was incredible.  Coming “home” to camp after a full day of watching lions, cheetahs, and elephants, and sitting down to a meal of delicious fire-roasted food…ahhh, that is living.


The Dishwasher

The Dishwasher

Add to that the night sounds of the moaning hyenas, sloshing hippos, and restless lions, and life could not be better.  It’s not for everyone, but to me, it is paradise.


What about danger you ask?  We had Maasai warriors on night shift–it doesn’t get safer than that!

Giraffe and Zebra, Africa

Giraffe and Zebra, Africa


Photo credit:  Athena Alexander






The Bar

The Bar


20 thoughts on “Safari Dining

  1. Fantastic!! Absolutely loved it. Safari dining caught me and then camping over there. Great 🙂 i have it in my bucket list safari ride in africa 🙂


  2. I think is in our genes to go outdoors next to the wild and enjoy our meals the closest to it! I love that greatly! Great post Jet! 🙂

  3. Too late to arrive here,I am afraid dear Jet ! Sorting out my nightmarish inbox and I just spotted,you were kind enough as always,to comment on my previous posts and add likes, in return, to my own comments.
    I am sure,you know how much I like your work and all the priceless posts you share with us !
    You have my admiration and my respect as always , Doda 🙂

      • Hi there dear Jet ! Thanks ever so much for being appreciative and for your kindest words ! I am so happy to have found you and to enjoy all the wonders of nature you share with us ! Thanks to your brilliant posts,I’ve learnt so much about our wonderful planet !!! Sending you and yours my warmest wishes for a Peaceful & Glorious New Year. 🙂

      • It is the still-dark morning here, and I feel so blessed to have my day start with your kind words, dear Doda. I hope your new year is filled with glorious moments and lots of love. 🐞🌺🌞

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