Pride in San Francisco

City Hall, Civic Center, San Francisco

City Hall, Civic Center, San Francisco

Hang onto your hats if you’re in San Francisco this weekend.  It’s the annual Pride Celebration — a wild and wonderful festival highlighting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.  Throughout the month of June there are numerous celebratory events (like the LGBT Film Festival), culminating into the parade and final events this weekend.  Click here for more information about the events.


I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, this first photo is from that day.  In preparation for the special celebration, the Civic Center was decorated with LGBT rainbow flags.  Today they are setting up the chem toilets and road closures, and Saturday and Sunday the grass and flagpoles won’t even be visible in the sea of people.


Celebrants gather at this plaza and surrounding closed streets before and after the parade.  The long Sunday parade (over 200 contingents) proceeds down Market Street, and hours later spills into the Civic Center where there are several large stages, bands, and performances; hundreds of booths, and an absolutely roaring extravaganza.  Last year they had an attendance of 1.5 million people…it’s crazy!






Photo credit:  Athena Alexander




6 thoughts on “Pride in San Francisco

  1. 1.5 mio people! That’s a lot! I guess more and more people are having respects towards diversity. Great event to raise the tolerance – and the rainbow flags are awesome!

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